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Books About Norway

Kids Books on Norway

Recently as I was updating the Let’s Go Geography Norway lesson, it dawned on my that I have several great kids books about Norway. If you’re wondering why that’s a big deal, keep in mind that finding good picture books or story books for kids about ANY country is a momentous occasion. These books are […]

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World Geography Games

World Geography Games

World geography games keep kids learning while having fun at the same time. And this combination can’t be beat! Here at Let’s Go Geography, we use games in our continent lessons and review lessons. And we are sharing some of our favorites here with you. Of course, world geography games are best when all the […]

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Do Kids Need First Grade Geography?

First grade geography is as important for kids as telling time or tying their shoes.  It’s a necessary skill in today’s world. After all, the internet allows us to communicate across the globe instantly.  We are able to experience other cultures thousands of miles away by clicking a link.  And even search engines are translating […]

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Geography of the World Book Review, Part 2

Geography of the World

The primary Geography of the World Book Review I wrote several months ago gives you the general picture of this book and why I like it so much. But there is one other important point to mention. That is the date of publication. It’s 2006. Wait. What? For a book about geography & world cultures? […]

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Geography Printables: The Best Paper

Best World Geography Crafts for Kids

Let’s Go Geography offers some pretty amazing geography printables for their kids’ crafts, and most of them require colored paper. A lot of these are just Print, Cut, Decorate, and you’re done. Often you will see a note in the instructions of these geography printables suggesting you trim kids’ craft colored paper to 8 1/2 […]

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