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Simple Homeschool Schedules for the Busy Mom

Homeschool Schedules

There’s no doubt about it…having good homeschool schedules brings good results. After all, the times that you are the most organized are usually the times when you get the most done. With the least amount of frustration. And don’t we all need a little more organization…& a little less frustration! Well, the first step to be organized is […]

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Is U.S. Geography the Best Place to Begin?

U.S. Geography for Elementary Students

Shouldn’t I Start with U.S. Geography? If you live in the U.S., the tendency is to start your child’s geography study with a focus on U.S. geography. And only U.S. geography. I’m not really sure why that is. Maybe because the United States is so big, and after all, it is home. It makes sense […]

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Download 8 Super Cute, Free Christmas Gift Tags

Free Christmas Gift Tags

Yes! We have Free Christmas Gift Tags for you! And really cute ones, too. Free Christmas Gift Tags Download these fun Christmas Gift tags FREE as a gift from us to you. Merry Christmas!! Choose from the plain, red, or green gift tag borders, and print as many as you want. What’s not to love? […]

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Why Is Geography Important for Kids?

Geography is Important for Kids!

Why Do Kids Need Geography? Do kids really need to learn geography in schools or homeschools? After all, there’s so many other things that fill up a school day. It can be hard to get everything done every week, so what is really important? And what is not? Unfortunately, some do neglect geography. And it […]

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Free Hemisphere Map Offer!

 Download the FREE Hemisphere Map by signing up below.  The map is taken directly from the Year 3 Continent Lessons. Hurry!  This is a limited-time offer & will disappear soon! Get the FREEHemisphere Map here!Along with the map, you will also be subscribed to our geography newsletter, which usually comes a few times a month.  You […]

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