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Make Geography the Best Part of Your Week!

Let's Go Geography lets kids discover current world geography with creative activities.  They learn about a different country every week, all year long.

Kids love the Video & Pictures

Parents and teachers love the Map & Flag activities.  

Coloring & Crafts top it all off (Grades K-2).

Journaling ties everything together (Grades 3-5 & 6-8).  

It's a recipe for success!  

TRY IT TODAY!  Download a FREE Geography Lesson here!

My Kids LOVE this curriculum and always want MORE MORE MORE!!
--Katelyn F.

I can't even begin to tell you how much we love this curriculum!!  I tell all my homeschool friends about it.
--Amy H.

LGG [Let's Go Geography] is the highlight of our week.
--Kristine P.

Lets Go Geography Year 1

9 Ways  Kids Learn Geography in Every Lesson

  • Listen to Music
  • Cut & Color Flags
  • Explore Maps

Maps & Flags!

Let's Go Kid's Passport for Geography
  • Look at Pictures
  • Watch Video
  • Read on the Internet or in Books

Pictures & Video!

video with Let's Go Geography
  • Color Themed Coloring Pages
  • Create Amazing Crafts
  • Journal on Decorated Pages

Creative Activities!

Crafts with Let's Go Geography
See what's in a  kids geography lesson from Let's Go Geography.com!

Look Inside!

Browse through a lesson to see...

  • Map & Flag Activities
  • Music, Photo & Video Selections
  • Assignments for Grades 3-5 & 6-8
  • Coloring & Crafts for Grades K-2
  • Pages to Print
Let's Go Geography

Lets Go Geography Year 2

Kids Explore Over 30 Countries...EVERY YEAR!

Kids Learn the World with Let's Go Geography!
Kids Learn the World with Let's Go Geography!

Year 1: The World, N. America, USA the Northeast, USA Hawaii, Haiti, Nicaragua, Belize, Greenland, Canada, S. America, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Europe, Hungary, Finland, Norway, Sweden,  Denmark, Iceland, Romania,  Africa, South Africa, Libya, Tanzania, Ghana, Asia, Malaysia, Afghanistan, Iran, China, Mongolia, Cambodia, Philippines, Thailand, Oceania, New Zealand

Year 2:  The Continents, USA Pacific NW, USA Mtn. West, USA S. Atlantic, Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, UK: England, France, Ireland, Portugal, Germany, Netherlands, Greece, Kenya, Ethiopia, Egypt, Uganda, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Japan, Israel, Australia

Year 3:   Our World, US the Midwest, US Alaska, US S Central, Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama, cuba, Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru, Austria, Italy, Spain, Scotland, Switzerland, Belgium, Poland, the Czech Republic, Swaziland, Morocco, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kuwait, Vietnam, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Singapore, Turkey, South Korea, Antarctica

What Does Let's Go Geography Look Like?

Lets Go Geography Crafts

So many Countries . . . So much Fun . . .

Your K-8th grade student will explore a different country in almost every lesson.  Each unit is about 40-45 pages long, and packed with activities: maps, flags, songs, pictures, video, reading, coloring, and then finishing each lesson with either makinga craft project   based on the theme country (Grades K-2) OR writing on decorated journaling pages (Grades 3-5 & 6-8).

You get 32-weeks of lessons that can be used with multiple kids in multiple grade levels. Each lesson features a fun craft for Grades K-2. 

No Clutter on Your Shelves!

With 3 different years of Let's Go geography curriculum to choose from, your purchase of any of them gives you Immediate Access to all 32 downloadable, PDF lessons for that year.  All lessons are waiting for you in your Account.

Each lesson has clickable links to video & other internet content. You will need to print only a few pages from each lesson.

You can use the lessons in whatever order you choose, whenever you want

Let's Go Geography Maps
Get the best homeschool Geography Curriculum for K-5th grades! Kids learn a new country every week with hands-on activities for every learning style. No more boring worksheets! Share with friends! #homeschoolgeographyelementary #homeschoolgeographycurriculum #homeschoolgeographylessonplans #homeschoolgeographychildren #homeschoolgeography #makinggeographyfun #letsgogeography

A Super Value!

And it's so Economical!  Individual Lessons normally retail at $2.99.  Each Year gives you 32 lessons for a significant discount!! And this kids' geography curriculum can be used with multiple kids in multiple grade levels.

The Lifetime Access means your purchase never expires.  



Grades K-2




Grades 3-5

Geography for Kids | Coloring Pages
Kids love to write about geography with Notebooking Pages that complement each lesson from Let's Go Geography. The Discovery Pack also comes with a Printable Glossary page and list of all geography terms for every lesson. Grades 3-5; 97 pages. #letsgogeography #geographyforkids #homeschoolgeography

Adapts to Multiple Grades!

The Flexibility of this curriculum lets you use it with your Kindergartner as well as your 8th grader, all at the SAME TIME!  How does that work?

CLICK HERE to read about adapting the curriculum for multiple grades.  You will need the companion Discovery Pack for students in Grades 3-5 or the commpanion Continents, Countries, & Cultures for Grades 6-8.  The Discovery Pack has materials to create student Geography Journals and student Geography Glossaries, and it also includes the Teacher Key, all in 1 convenient download.  The Junior High workbook adds more detailed journaling and a country map worksheet to each lesson.

Read this blog post for details!

Have any questions?  Please CLICK HERE to email us.  We'd love to hear from you!

Reviewers Love the Let’s Go Geography Curriculum!

I truly believe that this is one of THE best programs I have ever seen for teaching geography to the elementary age group.  And it is definitely the most hands on and comprehensive--especially for the amazing price! And with it having printable aspects, this allows for easy adaptation to MULTIPLE grade levels and students!

This little gem is made for ALL learning types! ...  Let's Go Geography has a been a HUGE blessing and great addition to our weekly studies and I am thrilled we found it!

Practical Homeschooling Magazine AWARD 2023
How to Homeschool Award

Let's Go consistently wins awards as we grow & the word gets out!

Reviewers say, “I love how easy it is to use; "there is such limited prep required";  "[my children] were pleasantly surprised how fun [geography] can be";  and “my kids want to keep learning.”

Why so many positive reviews?  With so many countries AND so many hands-on, engaging activities, Let's Go Geography offers unparalleled content at an incomparable price.

There’s just not another geography curriculum like it!

Lets Go Geography Review Award

Order Let's Go Geography  for your Homeschool or Classroom

Let's Go Geography is a downloadable curriculum because of the size (32 lessons, about 40-45 pages each), and the large number of clickable, child-safe links to video & other internet content.  You will need to print only a few pages from each lesson.

As soon as you purchase, you have Immediate Access to all the downloadable, PDF lessons in your plan. Simply visit your Account to download the lessons in whatever order you choose, whenever you want.  See Lesson Schedule Here.

Want to Try before you Buy?  Click Here to  Sign up for a Guest Membership & sample a Free Geography Lesson!

Get the best homeschool Geography Curriculum for K-5th grades! Kids learn a new country every week with hands-on activities for every learning style. No more boring worksheets!

Year 1 (2nd Edition) has 30 country lessons,
 & 2 general geography lessons. *

Get the best homeschool Geography Curriculum for K-5th grades! Kids learn a new country every week with hands-on activities for every learning style. No more boring worksheets!

YEAR 2 has 30 country lessons
& 2 continent lessons. *

Year 3 Let's Go Geography curriculum for Grades K-5

YEAR 3 has 30 country lessons
& 2 world lessons. *

* Years can be completed in any order.  See Schedule Here.

Companion Products

Grades 6-8 need  Continents, Countries, & Cultures for the companion activities for their grade level.

Grades 3-5 need their companion Geography Journal (Discovery Pack).  The Continent Maps are a valuable optional addition.

With the Geography Activity Book, Grades K-2 have ALL their handouts from the lessons in 1 convenient place.  PLUS, the Activity Book holds Map Worksheets that are not included in the curriculum lessons.  

All products are as downloadable PDF's, however some products offer Classroom Editions in physical, hardcopy form.

K-2 Geography Activity Book

Grades K-2
companion book for Year 1

Discovery Pack 1: Geography Journal & Teacher Key

Grades 3-5
Geography Journal, Year 1

Grades 6-8
Junior High Resources, Year 1

About The Author of Let's Go Geography

Carol Henderson

Carol Henderson

Author of Let's Go Geography,
Geography Teacher,
Former Homeschooler to
5 Now-Grown Kids

When I was asked to teach the younger elementary geography in our large homeschool co-op, I couldn't find a geography curriculum for kids that introduced them to the countries of today's globe with activities they would love.  I ended up having to create my own lessons & activities, featuring a different country every week..  Over the years, I've used and re-used this curriculum, refining things 'til it was just right.  I'm excited to be able to share it with you!