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AWESOME Geo curriculum!!! My boys retained so much this year with this curriculum. We loved it! Using it again next year..  Thank you for your wonderful product!!!  --Jessica M.

The lessons are fantastic. We still have the St. Patrick’s Day craft in our window as the kids love it so much.  --A Mom's Quest to Teach

I love your curriculum and so do my kids, they ask when we can do our geography! We plan to go through it again this year.  --Stephanie O.

Thank you so much for your curriculum. It has blessed our family and I am very grateful for it.  --Brittany S.

Lets Go Geography Review Award

Just want to say- we love this curriculum.  It is just exactly what you need for a child K-6 maybe higher?  It has enough info to get the kids engaged and learning, but not too much to overwhelm them.  I can add or take out info depending on the age of my child.  

We have had so much fun with this!!  Thank you for giving us this program!!! So worth it!!  And the kids retain the info!!!!    -- Jessica M.

All 4 of my kids LOVE let's go geography! And so do I. We are about half way through year one and have already purchased year two.  Not that we will be ready for it anytime soon, but my daughter keeps asking me when year three will be ready.   --April J.

Farm Fresh Adventures -- I truly believe that this is one of THE best programs I have ever seen for teaching geography to the elementary age group.  And it is definitely the most hands on and comprehensive--especially for the amazing price! And with it having printable aspects, this allows for easy adaptation to MULTIPLE grade levels and students!

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Our Life--Home & School -- I love how easy it is to use and that everything is laid out for the teacher. I also love that links to videos and pictures of the country are included for easy navigation.

Dear Homeschooler --  I started looking [for a geography program]. It would have to be simple, flexible, and require little prep time. Just at the time, I was given the opportunity to review a geography curriculum by Let’s Go Geography. It has met our needs well, and the kids LOVE it.

A Glimpse of Normal -- The fact that [my daughter] is remembering what she is learning about tells me that this curriculum really works for her.

My Kids Week -- [My son] looks forward each week to learning about a new country....I am so thankful for his budding global perspective!

A Year of Jubilee Reviews -- My kids want to keep learning about new countries... I have found this to be an excellent start on Geography for my 9 year old, and a good continuation for my 12 year old as well.

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Tots & Me -- Let's Go Geography is most definitely a program I can recommend. It is a wonderful, hands-on curriculum...

Counting Pinecones -- I've been really impressed with this curriculum and it has fulfilled my search for finding a grade-appropriate world geography program that actually teaches the countries of the world.

Our Worldwide Classroom -- To have all of these resources at your fingertips for such a low price is most definitely worth it...There is such limited prep required, download the lesson, print the needed pages, organize the craft if you are going to do that and off you go. All of the leg work of finding images, videos, music and snippets of information has been done for you.

Hopkins Homeschool --  Finding that perfect homeschool geography curriculum doesn't have to be hard, especially when you find Let's Go Geography!

Lets Go Geography Crafts

Castle View Academy -- The lessons...can be adjusted easily depending upon the abilities of the students. Some may only watch the videos and have someone read the information to them then colour a picture. Others may do all of this themselves then go on and watch other videos or documentaries, do some internet or book research and write more formal reports. We’re doing a mix of all of these things, depending on the country, and I like this flexibility.

The Write Balance --  Let's Go Geography...facilitates the kind of holistic learning that I love!  Through the base of world geography, students are exploring various skills and subjects including coloring, writing, maps, flags, crafts and culture.

Gift of Chaos --  For me, as the teacher, the best part of this geography curriculum was that it was pretty much open and go. Other than a bit of printing and gathering supplies for the craft/create activity, everything is right there. There are also suggestions for how to modify the activities for younger or older students.

Let's Get Real --  Once we started Let's Go Geography, [my children] were pleasantly surprised how much fun it can be.  ...we adapted it to be used for our 8th grader as well.  ...it has been a wonderful experience.

Mom's Heart -- I had already purchased a different geography curriculum for this school year, and while it's lovely too, I have decided to set it aside for a year and use Let's Go Geography!  This program better suited to my wide age range this year, it is so easy to implement, and it is just plain fun!

Living Abundantly --  This program is surprisingly in-depth....  Children learn about the people of the region, agriculture, regional preferences for food, the climate, the economy and so much more.

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