What You Need for Let’s Go Geography for K-5th Grades

You may be wondering what you need for Let's Go Geography for K-5th grades.  

After all, there are several resources for each grade level, and some are optional.

After reading this blog post, you will be able to easily see what is available, how things work together, & then decide what you want to have your family's homeschool or for your small classroom.

So let's make things simple...

...with a chart!

What You Need for Let's Go Geography

Scroll below to read Full-Size chart!

Often a chart is the best way to show things so you can sort everything in your mind with one quick glance.  

But first, a little introduction to the tools for your geography adventure this year:

What You Need:  The Tools

Grades K-2:  Must-Haves

Grades K-2:  Optional Tools

K-2 Geography Activity Book
Country Flags for Geography

Grades 3-5:  Must-Haves

Geography Journal, Year 1

Grades 3-5:  Optional Tools

Grades 3-5 Continent Map Workbook, Year 1

What You Need:  The Chart

To use the curriculum, first you must download a lesson & open it on your device.

The chart below tells you what to do for every Chapter in the lesson, depending on the resources you have purchased:



Grades K-2

Grades 3-5





Activity Book


Discovery Pack


Continent Map



32 lessons per Year;

27 - 28 countries;

Grades K-5

Map worksheets (not in curric.) + all printables from all lessons in 1 place.

Authentic size; continent pages for flags.

2 pages of decorated journaling for each country + continent maps + DIY glossary

Map Worksheets (not in curric.) + continent maps + regional maps

1. Maps

PRINT map.  Follow instructions; answer questions.

Complete Map Activities page (instead of Curriculum questions).


Use Continent Map with Curriculum instructions.

Complete Map Activities page(instead of Curriculum instructions).

2. Flags

Print flag if you haven’t already.**  Read flag facts in Curriculum.

PRINT Flag Page & attach flag (or use Passport*).

Add flag to Flag Page (comes after Continent Divider/Map).

(or use Passport*)

Add flag to appropriate continent page.

Add flag to Flag Page (comes after Continent Divider).


3&4. Music, Let's Explore, & Let's Go Sightseeing

Follow Curriculum

5. More to Explore

Read from link or your choice of books or atlas, as per Curriculum.

PRINT Notebooking Page(s).  Write about the country, optional.

Color flag on Notebooking Page.  Write about the country.


Write about the country, filling 2 decorated pages.


6. Create


PRINT Coloring Page & color it.  Complete craft per instructions.

Color coloring page.  Refer to Lesson for Craft.




** All FLAGS for the year are offered separately from the Curriculum, so you can print all of them at 1 time.

What You Need:  Notice These Things!

The chart should give you a really good idea of what you need for Let's Go Geography for K-5th grades.  And now, let's wrap things up with a few observations!

  • First, when you have just the Curriculum, you will be printing several things for each lesson.  Notice these in the chart!
  • With the K-2 Geography Activity Book, you are able to print everything before the year starts.  Everything is ready and at your fingertips all year long.
  • Since the flags need to be printed in color, and all other resources are formatted for black-and-white, the flags are not included in other resources.  Don't worry...the flag download is very inexpensive!
  • The Map questions included in the lessons are fairly straightforward and pretty basic.  If you prefer to have your child write things down, and if you prefer just a little more detail, the Geography Activity Book for K-2, and the Continent Map Workbook for grades 3-5 will better meet your needs.
  • When this post was written, the curriculum subscription site is separate from the store that sells all companion products.  We plan to get those combined soon!
  • Have more questions?  Feel free to comment/ask below, or email us!

About the Author

Carol Henderson is the author of the Let's Go Geography curriculum. She previously homeschooled all 5 of her now-grown kids, and currently teaches several history and geography classes at a large homeschool co-op. After creating and then using her own geography curriculum for several years, she has published it here to share with you!

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