The following are known issues, followed by simple solutions.  If your problem is not covered on this page, please contact us!

  •  I can't Download!  I get an Error Message when I try to Download my Lesson (or other Let's Go product)  -- The Let's Go Download Links have limited life and expire after a certain amount of time.  However, the links regenerate (with a new expiration) anytime the page is reloaded. If you get an Error Message when trying to download, reload/refresh the page and then try again.

  • If I Open a Link in a Lesson and then try to Return to the Lesson, I get an Error Message. This will happen if you open the lesson in your browser, instead of downloading it.  You need to download the PDF lessons to your computer to have links work correctly.

  • My Lesson Page Won't Load -- Microsoft Edge can have issues with loading the lesson pages.  Please try a different browser (i.e., Firefox, Chrome, etc.) or download the lesson to your computer.