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Carol HendersonHi there!  I’m Carol Henderson, author of Let’s Go Geography.  I teach Geography for elementary ages in a large homeschool co-op and for years have wanted to adapt my weekly lessons to an automatic-delivery, digital format for other educators.  The dream has become a reality with Let’s Go Geography.

At this website, you can sign up for a course that will deliver automLet's Go Geography Curriculum--Greenlandatically to your email Inbox every week.  Use all or just parts of the lesson with your kids, adapting to their age level(s) as you wish.

We travel* from continent to continent, visiting countries both large and small around the globe.  The 3-year cycle will take you on a World Tour like none other, with fun activities, coloring, and crafts along the way.

Oh, and by the way… my internet contribution actually started with a History website called ABookInTime.com.  It is another resource for teachers, but history teachers.  You can find great story books about the history events you are studying, crafts that go along with your theme, timelines, maps, and more.  Check it out at ABookInTime.com.

But back to geography.  I hope you’ll join me and my students around the world this year.

Let's Go!




*All travel on this site refers to learning via the internet & books, not physical trips!

SLet's Go Geography Curriculum--Greenlandave


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