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Hi!  I’m Carol Henderson, author of Let’s Go Geography.  Along with homeschooling my 5 now-grown kids for over 25 years,  I also taught History & Geography for elementary ages in a large homeschool co-op. And I still teach at the co-op today.

Want to know more about Let’s Go Geography? Well, you are in the right place.

How It All Started

After the co-op approached me to teach geography classes, I started searching for a kids curriculum that was both fun and engaging.  Boring was out.  Let’s face it.  If the curriculum put me to sleep, the kids wouldn’t stand a chance.

But everything I found was…well…boring.  At least to my standards.

I wanted kids to learn about today’s world — the world they live in — in an age-appropriate way with plenty of hands-on, creative activities.  It soon became obvious I was going to have to create this myself.

If kids were going to learn about the globe, what better way to do this than to show them real places and real kids, just like them.

The kicker is that most kids in other parts of the globe do NOT live just like they do.  And I knew that most kids don’t realize that.  There are a variety of things that are different:  the climate, the houses, the places to shop…or maybe there are no places to shop, the animals…the list is long.

Kids should see these things.  Besides that, they should also see and learn about things like volcanoes, coral reefs, rain forests, deserts.  You get the picture.

Finally, making cool crafts to help them remember each country was a must.  So each week kids created something fun.  Crafts like rainsticks, poison dart frogs, or cuckoo clocks.

The Result

As a result, Let’s Go Geography was born.  And after using the curriculum with its activities and crafts for years, I have found that kids love the learning this way.

However, it seemed a shame to create all this, tweak it and refine it, and then keep it all to myself.  But how to share the weekly lessons with other educators was a challenge.   Finally, the dream became a reality with Let’s Go Geography.

With Let’s Go, kids explore the world from continent to continent, looking at countries both large and small around the globe.  The 3-year cycle takes them on an engaging Geography World Tour like none other, with fun activities, coloring, and crafts along the way.  Click here to see the Scope & Sequence!

My Other Site

Oh, and by the way… my internet contribution actually started with a History website called  It is another resource for teachers, but history teachers.  You can find great story books about the history events you are studying, crafts that go along with your theme, timelines, maps, and more.  And the majority of the resources are free.  Check it out at

Let’s Go Geography

But back to geography.  I hope you’ll join me and my students around the world with the Let’s Go Geography currciulum this year. 

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Let's Go Geography

Carol Henderson