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The Secret to Learning Geography Terms Stress-Free

Free Printable Geography Glossary

When you learn about geography, you learn about features of the earth.  Some things, like mountains or lakes, are no-brainers.  But there are other words that some adults are even unsure of.  After all, what exactly IS an isthmus anyway? It’s words like these that bring up the need for a Geography Glossary. And what […]

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Continent Matching Game

Geography Matching Game

Sometimes when teaching geography you just need to liven things up a bit.  And a geography game is perfect.  Better yet, a geography game the kids can make, then play, and keep to play again later. Our latest Continent Matching Game does just that.  Perfect for homeschools or small classrooms, kids assemble the Game Storage […]

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Book Review: DK’s Geography of the World

DK Geography of the World Atlas

I’ve always been a fan of DK books, but now more than ever.  First it was the Where on Earth Atlas.  And now Geography of the World. Let’s put it this way.  I picked it up at the library, flipped through it quickly, and immediately ordered it online for myself!  I know I’m going to […]

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Book Review: DK’s Where on Earth Atlas

DK's Where on Earth Atlas

Edit:  The next post has a link to our helpful Reading Guide for this book.  Click here! Have you seen DK’s Where on Earth Atlas?  This book is a keeper! The subtitle is “The World as You’ve Never Seen it Before!”, and wow, that is so true. “But would I use it in my homeschool […]

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How to Use the Let’s Go Geography Curriculum

How To Use Let's Go Geography

Let’s Go is a unique homeschool geography curriculum .  Each lesson features a different world country as the curriculum takes you around the globe, continent by continent.  And each lesson is jam-packed with activities! We suggest you learn geography with your elementary-aged child in about 1 hour a week.  Sometimes, you may not complete all […]

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Discover Mongolia with Free Geography Notebooking Pages

The Story Behind the Free Geography Notebooking Pages Several years ago, two of my (grown) daughters surprised me with an invitation to go with them to England and France. What a blessing! What an amazing opportunity! There was just one problem. Actually, two. First, we were a ministry family. With 5 kids. And I was […]

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5 Ways to Make Elementary Geography Fun

Let's Go Geography knows how to make elementary geography fun! Find out the secrets and get ready to toss the workbook pages. Kids love geography with these hands-on activities and ideas! Share with friends! #homeschoolgeographyelementary #homeschoolgeographychildren #homeschoolgeography #letsgogeography #geographyforkids #firstgradegeographycurriculum #1stgradegeographycurriculum #elementarygeographycurriculum

Let’s Go Geography​ ​knows how to make ​elementary geography fun!   ​Here at Let’s Go, we are told again and again how a child was initially balking at the idea of learning geography…until they experienced Let’s Go Geography.   ​With Let’s Go in place, the same child asks to ​do geography . . . even more than […]

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The Best of Mongolia for Kids

This post on Mongolia for kids is the BEst. I'm so glad I found something kids like to read. Learning about Mongolian people, religion, climate, & more is easy with this. Pin this for friends! #mongoliaforkids #mongoliakids #geographyforkids #homeschoolgeography #homeschoolgeographyelementary

Let’s Go Geography explains Mongolia for kids in this post! After all, Mongolia is a rough and rugged country with a long history. There’s so much to explore. Mongolia is a large, sparsely populated country on the continent of Asia. China is south of it and Russia is on its northern border. Although on a […]

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