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​Teacher's License:  Year 1

Let's Go Geography Curriculum for K-5th grade

To use Let's Go Geography, Year 1 in a School, Co-op, or other group learning (not including Home Schools*), you must purchase a Teacher's License.  The Teacher's License permits 1 teacher to use this curriculum for as many classes as he or she teaches.  The licensed teacher may not give, loan, or share this curriculum with another individual (other than a substitute teacher) or give, loan, or share access for this curriculum to be used in any other classes, schools, co-ops, or learning environments.

*Home Schools are not required to purchase the Teacher's License.

Click this link for a​ description of the curriculum.
​See a Sample ​& FAQ's on the Home Use Order Page.
Click this link to learn more about the Crafts​. ​

​Before Purchase, Please Read Recommendation for your Grade:

​K- Grade 2 ​

​In a ​classroom environment, ​Kindergarten to Grade ​​2 can use map, flag, video, and craft activities as is​.  Video can be ​shown from a laptop for smaller classes, or via a ​laptop connected to a TV (or other projector) for larger ones. This curriculum ​with its coloring and crafts is ideal as-is for the K-Grade 2 ages in a classroom setting. ​​

Grades 3 - 5

Older Students​ would need to do additional research each week.  ​This could mean requiring each student to purchase DK's Geography of the World and setting aside 15-20 minutes per class period to review the theme country in that book, with the kids ​writing down highlights on the Notebooking Page provided in the curriculum.  

Another suggested classroom activity for older students is the Geography Glossary.  ​Introduce a new geography word weekly and have students complete a ​Glossary page for the new word as a class activity.  ​The resources and instructions for the Glossary are Free ​from Let's Go Geography.

​While including 5th graders with younger siblings ​has been successful in a homeschool setting, the coloring and crafts ​are ​not age-appropriate for an entire classroom of 5th graders.

​Teacher's Licenses for Year 1 ​are for 1-payment, full-year curriculum purchases.  Teacher's Licenses are not granted for the 2-payment ​plan or for the individual Semester-1 or Semester-2 plans.

You ​​receive 2 calendar years of Access with this Membership, meaning you can Download all Lessons​​​ in this Membership for 2 Full Years after Date of Purchase.  ​This Membership contains 32 lessons of about 35 pages each ​(see schedule).

If you purchase the Year 1 Teacher's License and would like to encourage your students' parents to purchase the Year 1 curriculum for in-home reference, please email us.  We will set up a Coupon Code for your families to get a discount on the Year 1 Home Use Rate.  Please include the date of your purchase, the name on your Account, and the number of families in your group. Thank you!

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