Teacher's License

Let's Go Geography curriculum

To use Let's Go Geography  for Schools & Co-ops, or other group learning (not including Home Schools*), you must purchase a Teacher's License.  The Teacher's License permits 1 teacher to use this curriculum for as many classes as he or she teaches.  If the teaching is shared among the co-op moms, please purchase 1 Teacher's License for every class.

The licensed teacher may not give, loan, or share this curriculum with another individual (other than a substitute teacher) or give, loan, or share access for this curriculum to be used in any other classes, schools, co-ops, or learning environments.

*Home Schools are not required to purchase the Teacher's License.

Schools & Co-ops:  Classroom Tips

K- Grade 2

In a classroom environment, Kindergarten to Grade 2 can use map, flag, video, and craft activities as is.  Video can be shown from a laptop for smaller classes, or via a laptop connected to a TV (or other projector) for larger ones. This curriculum with its coloring and crafts is ideal as-is for the K-Grade 2 ages in a classroom setting.

     My students in 1st & 2nd grade absolutely love the curriculum . . . The art projects that go along with the units are perfect - not too complicated, expensive, or time-consuming. We display them on the classroom walls or in the school hallways and always receive multiple compliments. 
     Thank you for making such a great product and being willing to share it.  

1st & 2nd Grade Teacher

Grades 3 - 5

Older Students need a Discovery Pack for extra Notebooking Pages and Glossary materials.  

Discovery Packs are available as PDF downloads (with Teacher Key)
 printed, unbound Classroom Editions (Teacher Key available separately).

Older Students should complete additional research by reading the included internet links or recommended library books or an atlas.  This could mean requiring each student to purchase DK's Geography of the World or Countries of the World [these are affiliate links] to review the theme country in an atlas.  Whichever atlas you choose, it should feature individual countries to best work with this curriculum.

Kids should complete their own research at home on the Notebooking Pages from the Discovery Pack, completing the 1st page and writing at least 1 item of information in each block on the 2nd page for the theme country.   During class, the teacher reviews the 1st page in detail.  For the 2nd page, students share their information, and the teacher notes important points on the board.  During the discussion, students finish filling in each block.

The teacher can show the corresponding photos & video provided in the curriculum at appropriate times during the class discussion.  

Other class activities include flags & maps.  Students color flags and add them to the Flag Page during class.  This is a good time to play the National Anthem video.  Students use the continent maps to find the theme country and any other items designated in the curriculum.  A Continent Map Workbook provides written worksheets for map exploration based on the week's theme country.

Another classroom activity for older students is the Geography Glossary.  Teachers introduce a new geography word weekly and have students complete a Glossary entry for the new word as homework.  A Glossary List of terms that coordinate with each lesson are included in the Discovery Pack, as well as instructions and printable pages.  During class, students share their definitions.  A short "art contest" for the glossary entry illustration each week is a big hit with students!  Whoever wants to enter that week puts their glossary page on the table, the teacher sets a number card on each entry, and students vote using the number to identify their choice.  The prize(s) is/are candy!

Please note that the Discovery Packs & Continent Map Workbooks are licensed for households only.  For Schools & Co-ops, schools/parents must purchase each product for each child or household.  Discovery Packs are available as PDF downloads (with Teacher Key), or as physical Classroom Editions (no Teacher Key).  Continent Map Workbooks are also offered in both PDF & physical formats. Please contact us for a discount code for your classroom.  [A classroom teacher may choose to print all copies for the entire class from 1 PDF; however, each student/household must have previously purchased the product or must be paid for in a bulk order arranged with us.]

While including 3-5th graders with younger siblings has been successful in a homeschool setting, the coloring and crafts are not age-appropriate for an entire classroom of 3-5th graders.

Grades 6 - 8

If you purchase the Teacher's License and would like to encourage your students' parents to purchase the curriculum for in-home reference, please email us.  We will set up a Coupon Code for your families to get a discount on the Year 1 Home Use Rate.  Please include the date of your purchase, the name on your Account, and the number of families in your group. Thank you!