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Refund Policy

At Let’s Go Geography, your satisfaction is our top priority.  When you purchase, we offer immediate access to all lessons for each subscription.  We understand that even with a preview*, sometimes you may change your mind or other circumstances get in the way.  With that in mind, we give you a 5-day window to decide if this curriculum will be right for you.  You can contact us within 5 days of purchase to receive a refund, less the retail prices of lessons you have downloaded.

Remember, you can *preview what these lessons are like by watching the video on our Home page or scrolling through the Sample Lesson displayed on this page.

If you have a 2-payment subscription, you will receive a reminder before the 2nd payment processes.  If you cancel your subscription before the payment is processed,  the payment will not occur and your membership will end after the 1st semester.  You will still have access to all the 1st Semester lessons that you have paid for.



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