What countries are included in Year 1 (or Year 2 or 3)?

What do I need to open the downloadable, PDF lessons?

Does this curriculum match my child's grade level?

What kind of supplies will I need for the Featured Crafts?

Will I need a printer for this curriculum?

​You ​recommend Color Printing​ for this curriculum, but isn't that expensive?

Can I use this curriculum in my Homeschool Co-op?

Do you offer a program for the summer?

Do you offer US Geography?

Can I purchase a subscription for all 3 years at one time?

What internet videos do you include?

How much does it cost & where do I sign up?

Where can I sign up for Semester 2?

I forgot my User Name or Password.  What do I do?

How do I change my Password?

​What is your Refund Policy?

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