Let's Go Geography FAQ

Welcome to the Let's Go Geography FAQ page.  On this page you will find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the curriculum and everything it offers.  

Not sure what the Let's Go Geography curriculum is all about?  First, find the basics about Let's Go Geography on this page.  After you read that, come here to the FAQ page for specific questions and details.  

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Common Questions & Answers:

What countries are included in Year 1 (or Year 2 or 3)?

What is the grade level?

What supplies will I need?

Can I use this curriculum in my School or Homeschool Co-op ?

Can I use this curriculum without going to the library or purchasing additional books?  

Where do I go to get my lessons or other products?

What do I need in order to open the downloadable, PDF lessons?

What internet videos do you include?

Will I need a printer for this curriculum?

What size binder do you recommend for each child?

I see that Color Printing is best for the flags & notebooking pages, but isn't Color Printing expensive?

Do you offer a program for the summer?

Do you offer US Geography?

Can I purchase a Membership for all 3 years at one time?

How much does it cost & where do I sign up?

How Do I Upgrade to Another Subscription?

I forgot my User Name or Password.  What do I do?

How do I change my Password?

What is your Refund Policy?

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