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Continent Bookmarks from Let's Go Homeschool Geography
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    ​Our Print-&-Put-Together CONTINENT DIVIDERS.  Your kids will love having their own Geography Travel Journals with these in place! 
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    Unique COLORING PAGES ​of all of​ the 7​ CONTINENTS, complete with explanations for ​each picture's theme.
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    Teacher's T​utorials to help you get started with Geography...the fun way.  You will get the encouragement and instructions you need ​to keep things easy, get your kids excited, make Travel Journals, and more!
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    A SAMPLE CRAFT on Our Amazing World.  This gives you a taste of the fun, easy projects you can make as you teach and learn geography.
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    An Attractive PRINTABLE BOOKMARK from our Continent Collection.  This is a  full-color, printable​ with North America on one side & South America on the other.  It comes with complete instructions for quick & easy assembly.
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    ​Our P​RINTABLE PASSPORT, with decorated pages for each continent.  We use these at Let's Go to glue flags from​ each lesson's theme countries.
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I Couldn't Find a Geography curriculum that
​Kids Could Get Excited About...

Carol Henderson

​Carol Henderson
Author of Let's Go Geography,
Geography Teacher in a Large Homeschool Co-op,
& Former Homeschooler to 5 Now-Grown Kids


​Hi!  I'm Carol Henderson.  When I was asked to teach the ​younger elementary geography in our large, homeschool co-op, I couldn't find a curriculum that did a good job of exploring the countries of today's globe​.  I ended up having to create my own ​lessons, featuring a different country every week.  Over the years, I've used and re-used this curriculum, ​refining things 'til it was just right.  And now it's published here to share with you.

​​​And ​even though I teach ​& love history, too, this is not historical geography​. ​ ​ Let's Go Geography teaches kids about the world they live in​ ​using plenty of fun activities so they'll love every minute of it!

It's geared for the K-4th grade child, ​although some families use it with older ages, ​​requiring additional reading and writing assignments ​to fit.

Let's Go Geography Curriculum Scope & Sequence

​Discover a new country almost every week, with 3 years of unique content!  Click to Enlarge!

Geography Units on Africa, Asia, Oceania

​Year 1 Units on Africa, Asia, & Oceania

Let's Go is packed with activities

 for all learning styles​!

My children love Let's Go Geography... and I get to learn and explore alongside them. I recommend it to every homeschooling family!

Doodle Mom's Homeschooling Life

​This little gem is made for ALL learning types! ...  Let's Go Geography has a been a HUGE blessing and great addition to our weekly studies and I am thrilled we found it!

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