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Homeschool Geography Curriculum!

Voted Favorite Homeschool Curriculum for Social Studies (Geography)

​Let's Go Geography ​ shows kids ​​​the countries & cultures of ​today's world
with reading, video clips, music, and creative hands-on activities.  

​​T​his geography is easy, engaging, and ​fun.  ​​Hop on board & ​​​Let's Go​!

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Discover the best Homeschool Geography Curriculum
Homeschool Geography Curriculum

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Homeschool Geography Curriculum

​Homeschool Geography Curriculum

​It's the homeschool geography curriculum that introduces the real world, one country at a time. ​  Kids learn by reading, watching video, listening to music, creating a project, coloring, and more. Each week's lesson has about 35 pages ​of geography fun and activities.  ​See all the countries you will "visit" each year on the Let's Go Geography schedule on this page!  This award-winning curriculum ​offers ​geography activities that your students will love.

Atlas Reading Guide for Homeschool Geography Curriculum

Free ​Stuff!

Check out our latest freebies on this page.  ​Nothing like Free Geography Resources ​like the Atlas Reading Guide Bookmark shown here.  Another popular geography freebie is ​our​Geography Glossary printable.  Print the pages ​so students can create their own glossary.  Or take advantage of the Free Geography Coloring Pages, well, actually an entire ebook of coloring pages.  This 19-page coloring book ​introduces your student to ​all 7 continents.   ​Of course, ​let's not forget​ the Free Printable Passport below!

Geography Matching Game

​​ Geography ​Games!

​Download ​a Print-&-Put Together Continent Matching Game​ or choose from other geography ​games & projects​​.  The continent game is a Let's Go original.  Kids create their own with very little prep work by the teacher.  After cutting and coloring, they can use the rest of the learning hour ​playing ​to learn more about their world.  ​We also suggest recommended geography games and show you where you can find those, too.  We believe that learning by doing...and by having the kind of learning that sticks!

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