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Kids love Let's Go Geography, a homeschool geography curriculum!

​​The Homeschool Geography curriculum Kids Love!

A Multi-Grade Homeschool Geography Curriculum for Homes, Co-ops, & Schools.
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Voted Favorite Social Studies Curriculum

Let's Go Geography was voted Favorite Social Studies Curriculum by the Homeschool Review Crew


Watch Online Video or read ​from suggested Library Books​​​​​.  Read captions & look at pictures on the Scrapbook Pages.


​​Find landmarks on Maps, and color and glue the Flag. Use the decorated ​Notebooking Pages to ​write about what you've learned.


​Top it all off with creative projects!  ​​Color the themed Coloring Page or make the Featured Craft...or do both!

​​Let’s Go Geography is most definitely a program I can recommend. It is a wonderful, hands-on curriculum…

​This little gem is made for ALL learning types! ...  Let's Go Geography has a been a HUGE blessing and great addition to our weekly studies and I am thrilled we found it!

I Couldn't Find a Homeschool Geography curriculum that ​Kids Could Get Excited About...

Carol Henderson, Author of the Homeschool Geography Curriculum at Let's Go Geography

Carol Henderson
Author of Let's Go Geography,
Geography Teacher in a Large Homeschool Co-op,
& Former Homeschooler to 5 Now-Grown Kids


​Hi!  I'm Carol Henderson.  When I was asked to teach the ​younger elementary geography in our large, homeschool co-op, I couldn't find a curriculum that did a good job of exploring the countries of today's globe​.  I ended up having to create my own ​lessons, featuring a different country every week.  Over the years, I've used and re-used this curriculum, ​refining things 'til it was just right.  ​

Now you can use the same homeschool geography curriculum for ​​​K-5th grades, making it an economical choice!  Some families use it with older ages, ​​requiring additional reading and writing assignments ​to fit.  And it's great for co-ops & schools, too!

Let's Go Geography Curriculum Schedule

​Discover a new country almost every week, with 3 years of unique content!  ​​​Lessons are available for purchase 1 Year at a time.  Click to Enlarge the Schedule!

Let's Go Geography is the Best Homeschool Geography Curriculum!

​Year 1 Units on Africa, Asia, & Oceania

This Homeschool Geography Curriculum is packed with activities for all learning styles​!

​Your student will explore a different country with ​every downloadable, PDF lesson, ​as well as enjoy several Reviews.  Each of these units is about 35 pages long, and packed with activities for maps, flags, songs, writing, looking at pictures, watching video, coloring, and making a project based on the theme country.  It's all here!   See a Sample Lesson on this page.

​When you subscribe, you have immediate access to all 36 weeks of downloadable lessons from your Account page.  And since most use just 1 lesson per week,  ​​we send you an optional weekly email​ to remind you it's time for your next lesson.  This helps you stay on track, whether or not you use the lessons in order!  ​CLICK HERE to learn more​ about this exciting, new homeschool geography curriculum!

My children love Let's Go Geography... and I get to learn and explore alongside them. I recommend it to every homeschooling family!

Kids Learn the World with ​Let's Go Geography

​...and teachers love the easy access of ​downloadable lessons​.  Click the links to watch online video.  ​Look at pictures.  Read more in optional library books.  ​Answer the questions to find things on the map.  Color the flags and glue them on the ​Flags page.  Color the coloring pages and ​make the craft.  There's so much here!

​You will need internet access & a printer for this downloadable curriculum!

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