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Kids love Let's Go Geography, a homeschool geography curriculum!

​​The ​Hands-On Geography curriculum ​​That Kids Love!

A Multi-Grade Homeschool Geography Curriculum for Homes, Co-ops, & Schools.
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Let's Go Geography is the Best Homeschool Geography Curriculum!


Watch Online Video or read ​from suggested Library Books​​​​​.  Read captions & look at pictures on the Scrapbook Pages.


​​Find landmarks on Maps, and color and glue the Flag. Use the decorated ​Notebooking Pages to ​write about what you've learned.


​Top it all off with creative projects!  ​​Color the themed Coloring Page or make the Featured Craft...or do both!

​Looking For a Homeschool Geography curriculum that Your Kids ​Will Get Excited About?

Explore the world with Geography!

Have you been searching for geography that your kids will love?  One that introduces them to the real people & real places in today's world?  Do you need a solution to complaints that geography is boring?
Most homeschool moms struggle with these same issues.  You are not alone, and we are here to help!

Voted Favorite Social Studies Curriculum

​Homeschool Review Crew's 2017 Favorite Social Studies Curriculum ​

My children love Let's Go Geography... and I get to learn and explore alongside them. I recommend it to every homeschooling family!


Finding that perfect homeschool geography curriculum ​doesn't have to be hard, especially when you find Let's Go Geography!

​Amanda, Hopkins Homeschool

Amanda Hopkins

​​Let's Go Geography is so easy to implement, and it is just plain fun!

​​Brittney,​  Mom's Heart

Brittany @ Mom's Heart
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