Geography Your Kids Will Love

SuitcaseLet’s Go is  K-4th Grade Geography made easy! Especially for homeschools and small classrooms, Lets Go emails you weekly with a complete lesson on a new country. With the full 3-year program, you can introduce your students to almost 90 different countries!  Want to find out more?  Yes!  Tell Me More About Let’s Go GeographyThen pack your bags!  Let’s Go!

Travel Around the Globe

AirplaneWe will take* you & your students to almost 90 different countries in 3 years! Give your child a head start in this global culture we live in.  Come explore the world with us!

Prepare Your Kids

GlobeThe world is a big place.  Prepare your child early to understand there are many other places & cultures far different from their own.

Geography is Fun!

MoviesWe use online videos, activities, coloring, crafts & more in our Lessons.  Books from the library are options, too.  Come on board and join the fun!

*All travel on this site refers to learning via Internet & books, not physical trips!

Carol Henderson

About the Author

Hi!  I’m Carol Henderson.  I homeschooled 5 now-grown kids and I currently teach geography in an elementary classroom.  Let’s Go Geography allows me to share the weekly lessons & activities I’ve created with other families and classrooms like yours.

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