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Kids love Let's Go Geography, a homeschool geography curriculum!

​​The ​Hands-On Geography curriculum ​​That Kids Love!

A Multi-Grade Homeschool Geography Curriculum for Homes, Co-ops, & Schools.
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Let's Go Geography is the Best Homeschool Geography Curriculum!

​Kids Can Explore the World with this Homeschool Geography Curriculum

Explore the world with Geography!

​Have your kids complained that geography is boring?  Are you tired of trying to manufacture enthusiasm?  Many homeschool moms struggle with these same issues.  You are not alone, and we are here to help! ​Let's Go introduces ​kids to the real people & real places ​of the world with lots of activities that kids love.

Voted Favorite Social Studies Curriculum

​Homeschool Review Crew's 2017 Favorite Social Studies Curriculum ​


Watch Online Video or read ​from suggested Library Books​​​​​.  Read captions & look at pictures on the Scrapbook Pages.


​​Find landmarks on Maps, and color and glue the Flag. Use the decorated ​Notebooking Pages to ​write about what you've learned.


​Top it all off with creative projects!  ​​Color the themed Coloring Page or make the Featured Craft...or do both!

My children love Let's Go Geography... and I get to learn and explore alongside them. I recommend it to every homeschooling family!


Finding that perfect homeschool geography curriculum ​doesn't have to be hard, especially when you find Let's Go Geography!

​Amanda, Hopkins Homeschool

Amanda Hopkins

​​Let's Go Geography is so easy to implement, and it is just plain fun!

​​Brittney,​  Mom's Heart

Brittany @ Mom's Heart
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