Lets Go Geography Year 2

Prices are for Home or Homeschool Use.  Click here for Schools & Co-ops.  

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Year 2, Standard Access

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Kids love to write about geography with Notebooking Pages that complement each lesson from Let's Go Geography. The Discovery Pack also comes with a Printable Glossary page and list of all geography terms for every lesson. Grades 3-5; 105 pages. #letsgogeography #geographyforkids #homeschoolgeography

Discovery Pack 2

Companion Notebooking Pages & Glossary Terms for Year 2

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Year 2, Standard Access

The Year 2, Standard Access subscription gives you 2 calendar years of access to all Year 2 lessons in your Member Account on this website. If you would prefer the Lifetime subscription with access that never expires, click here.

Prices are for Home or Homeschool Use.  Click here for Schools & Co-ops.  

Travel Journal Covers

In Year 2, students create Travel Journal Covers & Continent Dividers  for their Geography binders as Craft projects.

The Curriculum

Let’s Go Geography is a multi-grade geography curriculum for Grades K-5. An unbeatable value, the same curriculum can be used for grades K-5 at the same time, adapting the activities to each child.

Each Let’s Go Geography  year offers 32 separate, downloadable lessons of about 34 pages filled with hands-on crafts & activities, including maps, flags, video clips, music, coloring, & crafts.

Standard vs. Lifetime Options

At purchase, you have immediate access to all your lessons in your Member Account on this website. Choose between the Standard subscription with 2 calendar years of access, or the Lifetime subscription with access that never expires.


Typical pages to print from a lesson include a flag to color, a notebooking page, a coloring page, and some items for the craft. The continent map & the continent flags pages are printed once for each continent.


Let’s Go Geography introduces almost 30 countries every year, visiting every inhabited continent every year. In the full 3-year program, students learn almost 90 countries, more than any other geography curriculum.

Year 1 has 28 Country Lessons & 4 Geography Review Lessons, while Years 2 & 3 each have 30 Country Lessons & 2 General Geography Lessons.

Year 2 lessons feature the Continents, USA Pacific NW, USA Mtn. West, USA S. Atlantic, Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, UK: England, France, Ireland, Portugal, Germany, Netherlands, Greece, Kenya, Ethiopia, Egypt, Uganda, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Japan, Israel, and Australia, as well as 2 general geography lessons.

Grade Levels

Grades K-2 use the curriculum as is.  Grades 3-5 add the Discovery Pack & the optional Atlas.*  The Discovery Pack provides detailed notebooking, as well as weekly assignments for creating a student Geography Glossary.  *The Atlas is an Affiliate Link.  Let's Go Geography will earn a small commission from purchases at all Amazon links.

Prices are for Home or Homeschool Use.  Click here for Schools & Co-ops.  
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