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More Geography Products

Kids love to write about geography with Notebooking Pages that complement each lesson from Let's Go Geography. The Discovery Pack also comes with a Printable Glossary page and list of all geography terms for every lesson. Grades 3-5; 97 pages. #letsgogeography #geographyforkids #homeschoolgeography

Companion to Year 1 with extra Notebooking Pages & Geography Glossary materials.  Grades 3-5

Printable United States Passport for Kids

Print a Passport for each student.  Recommended.

Continent Dividers from

Create attractive Continent Dividers for geography binders.

Geography Matching Game

Kids make a Matching Game of continents & hemispheres.

Kids can color around the world with the themed coloring pages from Year 1 of Let's Go Geography. Tour the globe by coloring, with stops on every continent except Antarctica (that's in Year 3!). #letsgogeography #makegeographyfun

Kids love Coloring Around the World with the coloring pages taken from Year 1.  Each comes with  fun facts about the theme!

Try these Let's Go Geography  Crafts--one from Year 1 & one from Year 2.

Other Geography Products

The Let's Go curriculum can be enhanced with more geography products, shown below.  Please note that these are affiliate links, meaning Let's Go Geography will earn a small commission at purchase.  Rest assured that these are products we think will benefit you and that you will enjoy.  Please be sure to read the game descriptions to check that they are age/grade level appropriate for your needs.  

Geography of the World

Recommended.  Older students will benefit reading the extra content corresponding with each Let's Go lesson.
Read our Review here!

Super Book of Outline Maps

(optional resource)  The author of Let's Go uses these blank continent maps in her classroom. The book also includes individual country maps for older students.

GeoPuzzle World Geography Puzzle

GeoPuzzles by GeoToys have pieces shaped like countries or regions!

Please read the game descriptions to be sure they are age/grade level appropriate for your needs.  

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