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Printable United States Passport for Kids

​Print a Passport for each student.  Recommended.

Continent Dividers from

​Create ​attractive Continent Dividers for ​geography binders.

Geography Matching Game

​Kids make ​a Matching Game of continents & hemispheres.

Geography Crafts for Kids:  Thailand

​ Buy Let's Go Geography​  Individual ​Crafts here!

Printable Geography Glossary

​​Get our FREE Geography Glossary Packet here!

​Other World Geography Books & Games

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Geography of the World

​Recommended. ​Suggested reading from this book starts in Let's Go ​'s Year 2.
Read our Review here!

Super Book of Outline Maps

​​​(optional resource)  The author of Let's Go uses these blank maps in her classroom.  Great for​ individual country maps for older students.

GeoPuzzle World Geography Puzzle
Our favorite is GeoPuzzle World (no picture available).

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