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Year 2 Lifetime

​PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASE:  The 1st Semester of Year 2 is complete, but 2nd Semester ​is ​in process and has a final production date of October 28, 2019.  For that reason, you are welcome to purchase ​Year 2​ in the 2-Payment Plan.  ​In the 2-Payment Plan, you will pay for​ & have access to ​1st semester now, and then ​pay for and have access to the 2nd semester in 16 weeks.

However, ​​there are good reasons to go ahead and purchase the Full Year, besides it being more economical!  ​ ​​​The​ lessons ​on Greece, Ethiopia, Egypt, Israel, Russia, Kyrgyzstan​,  India, Myanmar, Japan, & Australia are ​​published & available.  ​The remaining 6 lessons are scheduled for publication by October 28 and will be made available ​AS SOON AS they ​are published​.  You will have them weeks before Semester 2 kicks in on the Semester Plan mentioned above.​  ​ 

Lets Go Geography Year 2

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Color ​flags, explore​ maps, ​watch videos, color pictures, make crafts.  It's all here for the K-5th grade child to discover the world with geography.  Year 2 ​has 32 weeks ​of ​ downloadable, PDF lessons​.  Click here to see the countries included in Year 2.

Let's Go Geography can be used ​​from 1 to 3 years to discover countries & uninhabited regions on all ​​7  continents.  Make Travel Journals with a 3-ring binder ​and keep ​a notebook of your adventures.  ​The variety of activities in ​each lesson appeals to all learning styles.  New to Let's Go?  Click here to see pictures and more detail!

Kids look forward to learning geography with this engaging curriculum.  Learn by watching linked videos, looking at photos​ while reading short blocks of ​highlighted information, and/or reading & looking at pictures from library books​.  Creative activities complement learning and include maps, flags, coloring, crafts, & more.

After you Create your Account and Purchase Year 2, you have ​Immediate, Lifetime Access to all Downloadable, PDF lessons for the 32-week ​plan.  ​

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