Kid’s Geography Unit on Afghanistan

Geography Kids Craft for Afghanistan Afghanistan is a unique lesson in my Geography classes because several kids have a parent who is or was deployed there.  So they are very interested in this place!  For that reason, I am glad to publish this particular lesson as a stand-alone, can-be-purchased-separately product!

All our lessons normally have several links to kid-appropriate videos, which are usually from YouTube.  However, a country like Afghanistan doesn’t offer too much of that.  So this lesson is structured just a little differently in the “Let’s Explore” section, with more to read and more photos to see.

Honestly, Afghanistan does seem like a land of extremes in many ways, but there are some nuggets of treasure!  We find those gems and share them.  We even have one of the kid’s favorite geography crafts in this lesson.  The lesson is normally part of Year 1 (find out more about Let’s Go Geography curriculum here), but you can get it all by it’s lonesome at this page.

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