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North America

Let's Go Geography Curriculum--Greenland

Greenland is the largest island in the world!  With much of Greenland inside the Arctic Circle, it stays rather cold year-round.  Kids love the Arctic wildlife and the amazing Northern Lights.  Let's go to Greenland!

South America

Lets Go Geography: Colombia

Colombia is nestled in the Andes mountains with beautiful scenery on every side.  They have cold areas in the Andes Mountains, hot areas in the deserts, and warm, tropical areas, too. It also borders both an ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Come with us and see more!

Lets Go Geography: Ecuador

Ecuador is known for its biodiversity -- that is, they have more different kinds of plants, animals, and yes, even butterflies, than almost anywhere else in the world.  The country claims the Galapagos Islands as their own, even though the islands are almost 600 miles off the coast.  There is so much to explore, so let's go...!

Let's Go Geography Curriculum--Chile

Chile is so long and thin that it stretches over several climates.  In the north, the Atacama Desert is the driest desert in the world.  Not much can survive there.  And in the south, the Patagonia region is a favorite for the adventurous with its rugged landscape and natural beauty.  Come see for yourself...let's go!


Lets Go Geography Hands-On Curriculum, Unit on Norway

Norway has a rich Viking heritage and a cool museum with helmets, swords, and ships. In contrast to the rough and tough part of Norway’s past, the country’s fjords are breathtakingly beautiful. Want to hike to an overlook? It’s best if you’re not afraid of heights!

Lets Go Geography Hands-On Curriculum, Unit on Norway

Sweden is home to the Ice Hotel, which is completely rebuilt every year so it can stay open for 3 months before it melts again. And just as amazing is the Swedish ship that was recovered from a 300-year rest on the bottom of the sea.  It's now housed in a museum as the world's only exhibit of its kind.  Hurry!  Let’s Go to Sweden!

Homeschool Geography, Europe, Iceland

Since part of Finland is inside the Arctic Circle, it’s one of the world’s few spots where you can see the Northern Lights. And there are reindeer…lots of them... and the Sami people whose lifestyle revolves around them. Oh, and there are beautiful lakes and islands, too. Finland is a treasure, so let’s go!

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