Geography Glossary: Archipelago

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Today’s Word: Archipelago

How do you pronounce it?

ARK- i – pela – gō

What is it?

An archipelago is a group or cluster or chain of islands. Sometimes it can refer to a small sea with many islands.

Where in the world…?

Norway Archipelago
An archipelago in Norway

Scotland has more than 700 islands off the coast of the mainland. That is an archipelago.

Indonesia has over 17,000 islands and the country of the Phillipines is made up of over 7,000 islands. Together with the islands of 4 additional countries, this is called the Malay Archipelago. It is the largest archipelago in the world.

How to Draw It

It might be easiest to copy the picture above! You can add islands if you wish. Draw a line at the bottom of your paper for the island you are standing on. Draw a large island in the center of your paper. You can put rocks or trees or small houses on it. Draw other islands behind it. Finish with a narrow strip of land way in the back. Don’t forget to draw waves in the water and clouds in the sky!

About the Author

Carol Henderson is the author of the Let's Go Geography curriculum. She previously homeschooled all 5 of her now-grown kids, and currently teaches several history and geography classes at a large homeschool co-op. After creating and then using her own geography curriculum for several years, she has published it here to share with you!

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