Free Printable Geography GlossaryWhile it’s true that most of us don’t need formal definitions for lakes or rivers or other common words, there are other geography terms that are not quite as familiar. And that’s where a geography glossary comes in handy. And it’s even better when students can make their own with these FREE printables!

Simply print a Glossary Front Cover for each student to color, plus enough Term Pages to get their glossaries started.  The Term Pages include a place to write the geography term at the top, followed by a box for the student to draw a picture of it, and then space below that where they can write the definition in their own words.  Include these pages as a separate section in your current Geography binder, or make a separate book with a small, 1/2″ binder reserved just for this.Printable Geography Glossary

If you add one new term per week, you will have an impressive glossary by the end of the year.  A List of Suggested Glossary Terms is included in this packet to guide you.  We also publish regular blog posts (& alert you via our Newsletter) on words from this list to help you and your student create another entry page.

When you download the Glossary, you will also receive a free subscription to our almost-weekly Newsletter.  Actually, it’s almost-monthly when things get busy around here!  No worries…we don’t do spam and you can unsubscribe at any time.

  • Downloadable PDF


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