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Geography for Kids: Australia & New Zealand

So much is happening around here that it’s hard to keep up!

But video is important, and we didn’t want that to slide completely off the table. The compromise?

Country Shorts!

Geography for Kids:  Australia & New Zealand

These are Short Takes on various countries. Short enough for the 21st century attention span. Short enough for our limited time…as I work day and night completing Year 2 for the August production deadline. Yikes!

But I digress…

And short enough to post successfully on Facebook and Instagram. Oh, you didn’t know? Please join the party if you haven’t already. Facebook is here. Insta is here.

So that’s how it happened. And here’s the first installment. Enjoy our first Short Take on Australia and New Zealand!

Oh, and remember, go to this page to purchase Let’s Go Geography individual lessons if you’d like (not necessary if you have the complete curriculum).

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