VIDEO: Spain for Kids

Video:  Spain for Kids

If you’re looking for the Video: Spain for Kids, you are in the right place.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  There really is a story behind this video.

So let’s start at the beginning.

At Let’s Go Geography we link to engaging, online video clips for each of our geography lessons.  Often, actually quite often, it’s a challenge to find short, thorough videos about a country that are appropriate for children.  So much so, that I often think, “Why couldn’t we make our own?”

And then one day, I just gave it a whirl.  And I’m pretty happy with the results. 

Simple, but thorough.  Short and appealing.  That’s what we’re going for here.  And it’s a great addition to the video list for (in this case) Spain.

Watch our newest “Geography for Kids” video here!

Fun Facts About Spain

Kids will learn highlights about Spain.  As in interesting tidbits of information that give you a good general understanding of the country.  And, honestly, these are things a lot of adults may not even know!

For instance, Madrid.  Did you know it is Europe’s 3rd largest country? 

And who can talk about Spain’s sports without bringing up soccer or even bullfighting?  After all, the one is important today, and the other was an important part of Spain’s heritage in the past.

After kids get the initial short tour of Spain, they need to watch to the end to see where everything is on a map.  In addition to that, the map part also shows where Spain fits in with the rest of the continent of Europe.

Just good, fun learning.

Make Geography Fun for Kids

And we’re all about making geography fun for kids. Because now, more than ever, kids need to know their world.

After all, the internet allows us to communicate across the globe instantly. We are able to experience other cultures thousands of miles away by clicking a link. And even search engines are translating languages for us so we can read posts that would normally be out of our reach.

The world is becoming more and more global. And our kids are going to have to relate to that.

Let’s Go Geography teaches kids the countries of the globe with fun activities and hands-on projects. Younger kids love the video, music, & creative art projects.  Older kids add Notebooking, atlas research, & additional maps.  Moms & Teachers love how it makes their job so easy. Share this Pin! #homeschoolgeographycurriculum #homeschoolgeography #geographycurriculum #letsgogeography #geographyforkids #geographyoftheworld #elementarygeographycurriculum #makinggeographyfun

If you live in America, we tend to ignore geography. And it shows. In a recent study, America ranked next to last in geographical knowledge.

We have to do a better job introducing the world to our kids. Kids should be familiar with the continents and the oceans. And that’s just the start.

They should then get familiar with the different countries of the world. Where are they? What makes them different from where I live? What are the high spots? The big cultural differences?

Kids should know these things.

And that’s what makes Let’s Go Geography a gold mine for concerned parents, homeschoolers, and small-classroom educators. Click here to learn more about our Home Use curriculum.

Or click here to learn more about our Classroom options.

Geography the fun way. Let’s Go!!

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