5 Reasons this Printable Passport for Kids is the Best Choice

Printable Passport for kids

A printable Passport for kids adds even more fun to their geography lessons! And it’s a special favorite for the Kindergarten-2nd grade age group.

We use The Let’s Go Geography printable passport primarily with the K-2nd graders as the place to put the flags for all the countries they explore during the year. And it’s a big hit!

My co-op students can’t wait to take theirs home at the end of the year.

So what makes the Let’s Go Geography Passport stand out in the crowd? There are several reasons . . .

5 Reasons the Let’s Go Printable Passport Is a Favorite

First, it features a 2-page spread for each continent. This gives kids plenty of room to glue flags of different countries on the corresponding continent page, reinforcing the whole continent-and-country connection.

Of course, the Australia page doesn’t need 2 pages. And Antarctica is not included since it is not inhabited. Just a heads-up!

Secondly, it is genuine passport size. And kids love knowing that theirs is very similar to the real thing. Some of my younger students think it IS real, and are surprised to know it won’t really get them out of the country!

Third, you can make the cover any color you choose. Since I live in the United States, I tend to make mine a navy blue. But other countries use different colors. You can use the color for your country, or get creative & use fun, bright colors just for fun. It’s totally up to you.

Fourth, it also includes alternate pages for a non-US passport. So for all of you who live outside the USA, you have options! Actually, you have several options for both US and non-US passports. It’s always fun to have choices.

And Reason #5, it gives you step-by-step instructions on how to print and how to assemble. And you can print as many copies of these as you want. Whenever you want. Print them this year, print more next year. It’s a download that you can keep and use forever.

Do you need a printable passport to make lots of geography passports for an entire classroom? You are in business. And you don’t have to purchase a Teacher’s License or anything like that. Get it once & print what you need for all your students. This year. Next year. The year after that. It’s a sweet deal.

Download this Printable Passport for Kids and make as many as you need! Each page is decorated with a continent for learning fun! Share with friends!

How to Get It

OK, now that you want it, it’s easy to get. It’s an instant download.

And what’s even better…it’s super inexpensive.

Like, pocket-change inexpensive. CLICK HERE!

Now, that’s pretty awesome! Get a phenomenal printable passport for kids for less than a fancy-schmancy drink at the coffee shop!

A Creative Passport for a Creative Geography Curriculum

Hands-On Geography at LetsGoGeography.com

The real deal is that it’s a great passport for a great curriculum.

Yes, the Passport was created as an additional resource for Let’s Go Geography. Not familiar with Let’s Go?

It’s the leading geography curriculum for homeschools and small classrooms, offering lots of hands-on activities and just good fun.

Find out more about Let’s Go on this page!

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