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How to Use The Let’s Go Geography Curriculum for Homeschool

Geography Curriculum for HomeschoolLet’s Go is a unique geography curriculum for homeschool.  Each lesson features a different world country as the curriculum takes you around the globe, continent by continent.  And each lesson is jam-packed with activities!

We suggest you learn geography with your elementary-aged child in about 1 hour a week.  Sometimes, you may not complete all the activities provided, and that’s OK.  Just hit the high spots, create interest and excitement, learn something new, and enjoy!

We also suggest that each student create a Travel Journal for Geography.  This is simply a 3-ring binder to keep all your geography activities.  And this will help you stay on track with each lesson.  Here’s how:

  1.  First, choose a Travel Journal Cover and slip it into the clear overlay if your binder has one OR use it as the first page if your binder doesn’t.  These are available FREE when you initially purchase your Let’s Go Curriculum.
  2. Next, add some Dividers for each continent.  Printable Continent Dividers are available to our subscribers, or you can use plain store-bought ones.  We use 6, grouping Australia & Antarctica together.
  3. Every time the curriculum takes you to a new continent, print your Map of [continent] AND Flags of [continent] pages to put right behind their divider.  And now they are easy to find when you complete each lesson’s activities.
  4. For each new country in that continent, print and add the following (all are included in the curriculum)–
    • The country’s Notebooking Page — Have your child write something based on his/her ability and grade level.  Not too much or it gets overwhelming.  Too young to write?  You write what they tell you!
    • The country’s Photo Album — (optional) Use your printer’s Draft settings to save ink!
    • The country’s Coloring Page — (optional)
    • The country’s Featured Craft — (optional)  If the craft is bulky, slip it into a clear Sheet Protector OR take a picture to glue on your Notebooking page.

The Travel Journal not only keeps you focused all year long, it creates a lasting memory of everything your child has learned and created in geography!

Remember, this geography curriculum for homeschool has activities on a variety of levels.  Sometimes things are noted as best for older students, and other times it is assumed the teacher will adapt things to the ages and abilities of the students.  Use the activities that work best for your student(s)!  


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