Geography Projects: Travel Journals

Geography Projects: Travel Journals

Kids make a lot of geography projects in Let’s Go Geography. The curriculum features a new country every week, with opportunities to color and create flags, maps, coloring pages, crafts, or to write about what they have discovered.

So what do they do with all these creative geography activities at the end of the day? Where can they put all of this?

Best Geography 3 [Spoiler Alert: Watch the Video embedded below!]

That’s where a Let’s Go Geography Travel Journal comes in. This is the best place for all the kids’ geography projects…for more than one reason.

Travel journals do more than solve a storage problem. So much more!

When kids add their latest projects and geography activities to their Travel Journal, they are creating a learning portfolio.

A learning scrapbook, of sorts.

When kids have a Travel Journal like I describe in the video and then add to it every week, little by little they build a momento of everything they have learned throughout the year.

Every time they take out their Journal and flip through all their geography projects and activities, they are reviewing every country, reminding themselves of locations, big ideas, and fun facts.

And what better way to review than to look at…and take pride in…the projects they have created themselves!

So watch the video to see how kids make these journals for Let’s Go Geography. Then gather all your kids’ geography projects and put yours together today!

Remember, front covers are a Bonus Gift when you subscribe to Year 1, and they are included with a Year 2 subscription. Year 1’s covers are full-color, and kids color their own in the ones for Year 2.

Oh, and feel free to subscribe to the Let’s Go YouTube Channel! That way you won’t miss anything new!

About the Author

Carol Henderson is the author of the Let's Go Geography curriculum. She previously homeschooled all 5 of her now-grown kids, and currently teaches several history and geography classes at a large homeschool co-op. After creating and then using her own geography curriculum for several years, she has published it here to share with you!

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