How to Add the Geography of Antarctica to your Glossary

geography of antarctica

The geography of Antarctica is fascinating. Mysterious. Full of adventure.

And what a great addition to your Geography Glossary!

Speaking of a Glossary, don’t forget to download the printable Glossary pages to create this.

But back to the geography of Antarctica. Here’s some help to creating your glossary entry.

The Geography of Antarctica

Every glossary page starts with a definition of the term. You can look around the internet to help you, but for today, here’s what you need to know.

Antarctica is the continent on the southern end of the globe that includes the South Pole.  It is opposite the North Pole and the Arctic area. It is also colder than the northern Arctic. The Antarctic is in the Southern Ocean and includes some surrounding islands.

geography of Antarctica

It is so cold and dry in Antarctica, that only 2 kinds of plants grow there. Of course, this doesn’t lichens, moss, or algae. On the other hand, the Antarctic is home to many incredible animals, such as whales, squid, seals, penguins, and many unique birds.

Just be sure to keep your animals straight: Penguins live here in the Antarctic, but not up North in the Arctic. And Polar Bears are the opposite. They live in the Arctic, but not the Antarctic. These animals are literally “poles apart”!

The Geography of Antarctica: Politics

We already mentioned that Antarctica is in the southern hemisphere. Remember, the South Pole is here.

Its influence in global politics is a bit more complicated. So many other countries want a piece of Antarctica!

The CIA created this map to illustrate how many other countries want a piece of the Antarctic pie.

Look at the map and count all the countries involved. Add that information to your glossary.

You may also want to print or draw the map as the illustration on your Glossary page, although there are more illustration ideas below:

geography of Antarctica

How to Draw the Geography of Antarctica

Copying the map above is a great illustration for your Antarctica page. But there are also animal ideas.

Specifically, penguins!

Remember, the Antarctic is the home of the SOUTH POLE and PENGUINS! Many different species of penguins!

Penguins are an important part of Antarctica, so if you don’t draw a penguin, you may want to at least include one in your drawing.

After all, drawing the Antarctica at all is a challenge. How do you draw plain water, ice, and snow? So think about using animals like penguins, killer whales, or seals as part of your creation.

geography of Antarctica, Emperor Penguins

And there you have it. The geography of Antarctica for your glossary page. Have fun creating this new entry!

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