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Geography Glossary: Antarctica

Introducing the next word to help you create your Geography Glossary! Don’t forget to download the printable Glossary pages to create this.

Today’s Word: Antarctica

What is it?


Antarctica is the continent on the southern end of the globe that includes the South Pole.  It is opposite the North Pole and the Arctic area. It is also colder than the northern Arctic. The Antarctic is in the Southern Ocean and includes some surrounding islands.

It is so cold and dry in Antarctica, that only 2 kinds of plants grow there. Of course, this doesn’t lichens, moss, or algae. On the other hand, the Antarctic is home to many incredible animals, such as whales, squid, seals, penguins, and many unique birds.

Just be sure to keep your animals straight: Penguins live here in the Antarctic, but not up North in the Arctic. And Polar Bears are the opposite. They live in the Arctic, but not the Antarctic. These animals are literally “poles apart”!

Where in the world…?

Older students will want to look at the map at this link to see how many countries want to claim parts of the Antarctic as their own. It seems to be a very popular spot! How many countries can you count?

Emperor Penguins

Remember, the Antarctic is the home of the SOUTH POLE and PENGUINS! Many different species of penguins!

How to Draw It

Penguins are an important part of Antarctica, so you may want to draw a penguin, or at least include one in your drawing. Since it can be hard to make plain water, ice, and snow interesting, think about using animals like penguins, killer whales, or seals as part of your creation.


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