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Geography Continent Dividers, Year 2

Geography Continent Dividers

Geography Continent Dividers are ​the 1st craft kids make in Year 2 of  Let's Go Geography​!


Because kids are introduced to a NEW country every week.  And that's THIRTY new countries to explore in Year 2.  

(BTW...if you're new to the curriculum, find out more here.)

Which is one reason why kids make Geography Continent Dividers for their Geography Binders (AKA Travel Journals) in the first lesson of Year 2.  It's a visual reinforcement all year that (a) there are 6 inhabited continents and (b) each country is located on one of them.  ​Come to think of it, occasionally a country is on more than one continent, but that's a different story!

And ​the Continent Dividers help keep things organized.  With all the crafts and writing and maps and flags kids can make ​in each lesson, they need dividers to put all of it in a logical place.  

Then they can find past projects easily.  Or just enjoy things a little more when they want to look over everything they have learned and created so far.

But don't get confused.  Both Year 1 and Year 2 have their own perks at Let's Go.  These dividers are exclusive to Year 2!

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