Download a Child’s Free Printable Thankful Book

We have a FREE printable Thankful Book you can download for your kids!

A Free Printable Thankful Book

Childs Printable Thankful Book

So what exactly is a printable Thankful Book?

Glad you asked!  This fun printable is decorated for the Thanksgiving season and gives an opportunity for your kids to count their blessings.

What are your kids thankful for?  The printable reminds them of all the good things in their lives and gives them nicely-decorated spaces to write them down.  

It will become a keepsake for years to come!

What are you Thankful For?

What makes this printable so great is that it gives kids helpful prompts to get them really thinking.

They complete sentences and thoughts like " I am thankful for these special friends & family members..."  or "I am thankful for these trips that I have taken or these places that I have visited."

AND...since this is a geography website, this little book includes "I am thankful for my neighborhood and my community because..."  

and even, "I am thankful for my country because..."

Count Your Blessings

It's always a good habit to remind yourself of all the GOOD things in your life, and what better time than around the Thanksgiving season!

As adults, we often forget to be truly grateful for our own blessings.  Sometimes we are looking so closely at what we DON'T have that we completely forget all the many things that we DO have.

And since this lack of gratefulness can hit us at any age, it's a good idea to start practicing an Attitude of Gratitude when you are young.

Which is just another reason to have your kids create a Thankful Book this year!

A Free Printable Thankful Book for Kids

So grab this fun little tool for some gratefulness practice with your kids!  

Better yet, it's totally free.  

Really.  Free.  You won't even get added to any email list.  

Free Geography Lesson

But, of course, please feel free to download our FREE Geography Lesson at this link.

This is a Geography website, after all!

I hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday...

...and that it's full of happy hearts and lots of gratefulness!

About the Author

Carol Henderson is the author of the Let's Go Geography curriculum. She previously homeschooled all 5 of her now-grown kids, and currently teaches several history and geography classes at a large homeschool co-op. After creating and then using her own geography curriculum for several years, she has published it here to share with you!

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