Let's Go Geography Lessons 1-19

Teachers often want to know what the overall goal is with any curriculum, and geography is no exception. What is the big picture? In other words, what is the Scope & Sequence?

In a nutshell, Scope & Sequence answers the question, "Where are we going with all of this, and at the end of it all, what will we have accomplished?"

In Let's Go Geography, our goal is to open the students' eyes to the bigger world around them. The common human tendency is to assume everyone else lives just like they do. Others' houses are like theirs. Other communities are similar to theirs. Holidays are the same. Food is the same. And doesn't everyone have a WalMart?

As adults, we know that is ridiculous, but truth be told, we often make the same assumptions without even realizing it.

Studying the world around you in a good geography course changes that for kids -- and parents & teachers, too. No, the world is not all the same. Some places are so incredibly different from our own that we have trouble even comprehending living like that.

Enter Let's Go Geography.

Every week, students are introduced to a new place, a new country, a new spot on the globe. And little by little, week by week, understanding builds and grows.

Kids begin to appreciate the comforts they enjoy and take for granted when they see that not everyone around the world has those same things.

But let's get down to the nitty gritty. Scope & sequence. Technical terms for "What does this curriculum cover?".

We've tried to keep it simple. Just one page. Clear, short, concise.

And it's here in the image on this page.

If you need to have a copy, click on this link to download and print:

Let's Go Geography Scope & Sequence

And if you need more information about the Let's Go curriculum in general, read this page!