YouTubeYou Tube:

Most of the geography videos we feature come from YouTube.  We recommend you take the following precautions at the YouTube site to avoid seeing videos that you would not choose.

 1.  Make sure Restricted Mode is ON.

This acts as a parental filter.  To enable Restricted Mode, scroll to the bottom of any YouTube page and look for the Restricted Mode button.  Turn it ON.

2.  Make sure Autoplay is OFF.

This feature automatically plays the next video after you finish watching yours.  This may or may not be a good thing.  To be safe, turn this feature OFF. Look for the Autoplay button in the top right corner of the right column.

3.  Please let us know if a selected video is not available anymore or anything else we may have missed.  Thank you!

GoogleInternet Searches:

Since this is a digital curriculum, there may be times when you want to look for more information or pictures on a country’s animals or landmarks or something else.  Here are some suggestions for Internet Search safety:

Most search engines have a parental filter that you should enable.

On Google, go to  and check the box that says “Turn on Safe Search.”   Then click the link that says “Lock Safe Search” to save these settings.

If you use a different search engine, do an Internet Search with “[the name of your search engine]” and the words “parental filter.”  This should help you find the instructions you need to apply a parental filter for your search engine.

parent with child on computerParental Supervision

Of course!  Please be sure to supervise your child on the internet!