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California’s Giant Sequoias

Redwoods | Giant Sequoias of CaliforniaThe Giant Sequoias in California’s redwood forests can only be fully appreciated when you see them for yourself.  You can describe them to someone all day long, but there’s just no substitute for being there.  Until now.  Or at least, almost.

The Giant Sequoias are so big and so tall, that a complete photograph of a full grown redwood tree has been impossible in the past.  But enter a little creativity and a lot of determination, and things have changed!

Several years ago, a photographer named Michael Nichols tackled a giant tree with lots of cameras, ropes and pulleys, and a team of helpers.  He describes how he did it in the video below:

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But more recently, Mr. Nichols took it a step further.  He not only took on the challenge in the deep snow of winter, but to top it all off, his target was one of the biggest trees in the forest, aptly named “The President.”

Why the winter?  I’m sure that the beauty of the snow on the branches had a lot to do with it.  But also consider the strength of the tree to hold ALL THAT SNOW!  Sequoias are a hardy bunch.  And they love winter.

Watch how the new photograph was created here:

To view on SafeYouTube, click here:

You can click this link to see the final photograph since I don’t have copyright privileges to show it here.  It’s amazing!

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