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Geography Crafts

Best World Geography Crafts for KidsEach lesson in the Let’s Go Geography curriculum has a hands-on craft for kids.  Kids love making these crafts!

The projects do double-duty, not only reminding kids of something special about the country for that week, but also making sure they ENJOY geography.

The majority of the projects use typical craft or household supplies.  And detailed instructions with pictures let you know exactly what to do.  Wondering what kinds of things you might make?

Well, there’s a rain stick for Chile made from an empty paper towel tube.  Or a Dala horse, a traditional carved horse, for SwedenHungary brings us painted cards that can be used as is, or sent to loved ones for Easter.

How about super cool Poison Dart Frogs from Colombia that kids can color however they want and then glue them on big, paper leaves.  They can squeeze in as many frogs as they want on their leaves!  The puffin from Iceland is a simple cut-and-color affair.

For Ecuador we use paint in a stamping technique to remind us of all the beautiful butterflies that live there.  And of course we need a cold-loving animal like the Snowy Owl to remind us of Greenland.  You’ll never guess what we use to stamp the feathers for this bird!

And this is just the beginning!  Each week is a very fun, very creative, and very (or thereabouts) simple craft that kids love!  Find out more about Let’s Go here.

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