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Printable Geography Glossary

Download these FREE Geography Glossary printables for your student(s) to create a personalized glossary.  Add a word a week from the Suggested Term List included in this packet and you will have an impressive collection by the end of the school year!

LetsGoGeography | Alaska for Kids

Get a Free Geography Unit on ALASKA!  Kids love learning about this unique U.S. state.  The coloring page is a moose, and the craft is a killer whale (AKA the orca)!  CLICK HERE for your Free Lesson.

Printable United States Passport for Kids

This downloadable PDF ebook has everything you need to print U.S. Passports for your students with a front cover (2 design choices) and 12 inside pages decorated with the 6 inhabited continents.  The inside front page has a place for the student’s name, photo, place of birth, and more.  And it’s typical passport size!  Normally sold on this page, you can download the printable passport FREE on our Home Page just for sharing Let's Go on Social Media!

Free Travel Journal Covers for Homeschool Geography

When you use the Let's Go Geography curriculum, your students will make Travel Journals.  These are simply 3-ring binders organized to hold all the geography projects, maps, and crafts they make throughout the year.  When you subscribe to a full year of Let's Go, you automatically get printable Travel Journal Covers FREE.  Download & print your choice of cover to slip into a binder's clear overlay or 3-hole-punch it to use for a first page if your binder does not have a clear cover.

Where on Earth? Atlas Reading Guide

We posted a review of the DK Where on Earth Atlas and later posted our own FREE Reading Guide to go along with it.  

It coordinates reading the Atlas with the Let's Go Curriculum in an easy-to-assemble Bookmark.  Go here to get your FREE Reading Guide!

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