What’s Inside the National Geographic Kids Ultimate Globetrotting Atlas?

National Geographic Kids Ultimate Globetrotting 
World Atlas

This Atlas from National Geographic is filled with color and detail.  Each country’s page shares specific details of the country, including population sizes, average life expectancy, and size of the country itself.  The geographical wonders and highlights will be interesting to any reader.

A unique aspect of the World Atlas is that it offers ideas for how children can use the internet to continue learning more about each country. So, want to learn more about what’s inside the National Geographic Kids Ultimate Globetrotting Atlas? You’re in the right place!

Kids Ultimate Globetrotting Atlas: Grade Level

Because this atlas requires strong reading abilities and tends to be focused on information rather than images, I recommend it for grades 3-7.  The pages are colorful and include interesting photos, but most of the learning in this book comes from actually reading the information.

Kids Ultimate Globetrotting Atlas: Continents and Countries

Geographical features are listed on the maps of each country, allowing readers to understand where noteworthy land or water masses exist.  Understanding the topography of a country can be a critical part of understanding the culture as a whole, so it is a great thing to include!

Kids Ultimate Globetrotting Atlas: Country Highlights

Many countries have architectural achievements highlighted as well as ideas for fun activities the country offers.  Children can begin daydreaming about future travel ideas thanks to the fun recommendations given for each country!

Kids Ultimate Globetrotting Atlas: The Final Word

All in all, this is a very thorough and detailed atlas for kids. It can be a great resource for anyone wanting to learn more about a specific country, but kids especially can benefit from all of the color and photos used on each page.

To help the learning go even deeper, the Let’s Go Geography curriculum offers even more resources on each country. The curriculum offers coloring pages, additional maps, and other activities that can help a child with an interest in any country or continent get excited to continue learning.

Let's Go Geography Year 3 Bundle

Geography Links

Click here for the (AWESOME) Let’s Go Geography curriculum.

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