Kids Geography: Thailand

We wrap up our geography tour of Asia for Year 1 with a unit on Thailand.

Thailand is a favorite vacation spot for many people with its beautiful beaches and warm climate.  And one of the attractions for tourists is riding elephants.

Of course, in days gone by, elephants were used for some pretty serious heavy labor in Thailand–like dragging cut trees out of forests when logging was a pretty big deal.  But those labor-intensive tasks are now gone, and making tourists happy has kind of taken its place.

So our craft for this unit, of course, had to be an elephant that is ready for its next set of riders.  It’s very fun to make.  And easy for the teacher.

Plan to be fascinated with all things Thailand and then wrap it up with this cool craft.  And a very cool coloring page, too.  But the coloring page is not elephant-themed.  And that’s another story.  Enjoy this lesson!

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