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​​Discover the Best Geography Curriculum for Kids​!

​Introducing ​today's leading ​​geography curriculum​ for kids!  ​Kids discover the secrets of today's world ​by looking at individual at a time, all year long.

Kids love​ the Video and Pictures.  Parents and teachers love the Map and Flag activities.  Notebooking ties everything together.  And Coloring and Crafts top it all off.

It's a recipe for success.

Watch the video to see everything you can do with Let's Go​.  See what you will get as a subscriber and what each unit is like!​​​

​“The whole idea of creative learning--learning by doing--is something I really believe in,” says Carol Henderson, teacher of hands-on geography in a large Homeschool Co-op & author of Let's Go Geography.

Geography Units on Africa, Asia, Oceania
Lets Go Geography Crafts

Your K-5th grade student will explore a different country ​in almost every lesson.  Each unit is about 35 pages long, and packed with activities for maps, flags, songs, writing, looking at pictures, watching video, coloring, and making a project   based on the theme country.

You get a 32-week​s​ of lessons ​that can be ​used with multiple kids in varied grade levels. ​​Each lesson features a fun craft, ​ending with the Final Craft ​of a Travel Suitcase Lapbook​ ​reviewing all the continents and countries from the entire year.

Review Suitcase

​Craft Project for Review Lessons

Suitcase Lapbook Back

​Booklets for Each Continent

Suitcase Lapbooklets

​​Pages​ for Each Country

Your Membership gives you Immediate Access to all the downloadable, PDF lessons included in your plan when you Log In to your Account. ​You can use the lessons in whatever order you choose, whenever you want and for as long as you want

​And it's so Economical!  Individual Lessons normally retail at $3.99.  The Year 1 Membership gives you 32 lessons for $27.99. That's only ​87​¢ per lesson!! And ​the curriculum​​ can be used for varied grade levels.

​Standard Membership Access lasts for 2 ​calendar years, which means you have 2 years to download all the lessons in your plan.  Prefer Lifetime Access?  We have that, too!

Lets Go Geography Crafts

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You will also receive FREE printable Travel Journal Covers for your students' Geography Binders
 as a BONUS GIFT when you subscribe to Year 1.

​​Learn with Video & Pictures!

Let's Go Geography Scope & Sequence

So Many Countries to Explore!
(click to enlarge)

Let's Go Geography Video

Read & Watch Video...

Let's Go Geography Photos

Look at Pictures...

In Every Lesson, Kids Can . . .

  • Explore ​Maps​ -- finding & coloring
  • ​​Cut ​Out Flags -- color & glue in place ​
  • ​​Listen ​to​​​ ​​Music ​​​
  • Write on Decorated Pages
  • ​Look at Pictures
  • Watch Video
  • Read Library Books or Internet Sites
  • Color Themed Coloring Pages
  • Create ​Amazing Crafts

​Year 1: N. America, USA The Northeast, USA Hawaii, Canada, Haiti, Nicaragua, Belize, Greenland, S​. America, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Europe, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Hungary, Africa, South Africa, Libya, Tanzania, Ghana, Asia, Afghanistan, Iran, China, Mongolia, Cambodia, Philippines, Thailand, Oceania, New Zealand​

​​I truly believe that this is one of THE best programs I have ever seen for teaching geography to the elementary age group.  And it is definitely the most hands on and comprehensive--especially for the amazing price! And with it having printable aspects, this allows for easy adaptation to MULTIPLE grade levels and students!

​This little gem is made for ALL learning types! ...  Let's Go Geography has a been a HUGE blessing and great addition to our weekly studies and I am thrilled we found it!


Lets Go Geography Crafts
Hands-On History Crafts with

The Homeschool Review Crew Loves Let’s Go Geography!

This geography curriculum is not just for homeschool co-op teachers like Carol. “Let’s Go is a whole new kind of geography curriculum for homeschools and small classrooms,” says Carol. “It looks at a different country of the world almost every week and uses lots of hands-on activities to keep interest high. There’s just not another geography curriculum for kids like it​.

The bloggers of the Homeschool Review Crew awarded Let’s Go as their favorite Social Studies Curriculum of 2017. Bloggers commented,“I love how easy it is to use; "there is such limited prep required";  "[my children] were pleasantly surprised how fun [geography] can be";  and “my kids want to keep learning.”

Let's Go Kid's Passport for Geography

Homeschool Geography Teacher, Carol Henderson, says
Learning geography should be fun.
Facts should be paired with fascination, coursework with creativity.”

BONUS GIFT:  Get FREE printable Travel Journal Covers for your Geography Binders
when you subscribe to Year 1!

Carol Henderson

​Carol Henderson

Author of Let's Go Geography,
Geography Teacher,
Former Homeschooler to
5 Now-Grown Kids

When I was asked to teach the younger elementary geography in our large homeschool co-op, I couldn't find a geography curriculum for kids that introduced ​them to the countries of today's globe with activities they would love.  I ended up having to create my own lessons & activities, featuring a different country every week.  Over the years, I've used and re-used this curriculum, refining things 'til it was just right.  I'm so excited to be able to share it with you!​

Kids Geography, Cambodia
Norway fjord
Geography for Kids: Libya
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​Wondering ​​​what Supplies you will need? ​​​ ​Here's the answer:

  • Copy Paper & access to a Printer
  • access to a Computer (to watch videos and read more)
  • Typical Craft Supplies​​​​​ ​(i.e., colored paper, scissors, tape, glue, crayons, & paint​​​ to start.  Some crafts ​will need other misc. things.)
  • 3-Ring Binder (about 1" for flags, maps, coloring, and crafts)​​​
  • Dividers for ​the Binder​​​, 1 for each Continent ​(buy them or make them)​​​
  • Atlas not required, but recommended for 3rd grade+ ​(​we prefer Geography of the World, available on this page)

​Other Questions?
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Let's Go Geography Maps

With so many countries AND so many hands-on, engaging activities
Let's Go Geography offers unparalleled content at an incomparable price.

It's about Creativity.  It's about Fun.  It's about Time.

Explore the World with Let's Go Geography Today!

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