A Homeschool Hands-On Geography that Tours the World

Show your child the world

with this exciting K-4th grade Geography!

Kids love exploring the world with the Let's Go Geography curriculum. 
It's perfect for homeschools, co-ops, and small classrooms!
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My children love Let's Go Geography... and I get to learn and explore alongside them. I recommend it to every homeschooling family!

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The Best Geography Program For Kids

Let's Go Geography

We recommend you teach geography to younger ages in a way that kids can understand -- by exploring the globe continent by continent and country by country. 

Let's Go Geography makes this easy for you!  We take your K-4th graders to a different country every week.  Each lesson is chock-full of hands-on activities, a fun craft, and links to video and other engaging online content.  Library books are optional.

And your child will love the hands-on activities, pictures, videos, and other projects! 

Tour the World From Home
. . . 1 Country at a Time

So what does the World Tour look like?  Country by country and continent by continent, we explore almost 30 different countries every school year (36 weeks).  With this curriculum, you'll do things like...

Hands-On Homeschool Geography Curriculum that Tours the World
Best World Geography Crafts for Kids
  • Color flags and find countries or landmarks on maps.
  • Watch & listen to songs on the lesson's theme--& sing along!
  • Learn with videos on the internet or with library books--you decide.  And then look at pictures of the country's highlights on the Scrapbook Pages.
  • Write on decorated "notebooking" pages.  Or color a themed page.  Or make the week's Featured Craft.  Maybe do it ALL!

The real beauty of this plan is that it comes with a reminder email every week.  Yes, an email.  Every week.  So no more books forgotten on the back of the shelf.  How cool is that?!

Of course, you can still use the lessons in any order you choose.  You have full access to all lessons included in your subscription when you complete your order.

Let's Go Geography Curriculum Scope & Sequence

A Homeschool Geography World Tour!  Click Image for Itinerary!

Click the image above for an Itinerary to see where you will go*!

* All travel on this site refers to learning via internet & books, not physical trips!

See what some of our subscribers are saying...

My daughter has been enjoying learning about the different countries of the world...We will likely keep using this program as Years 2 and 3 become available...This is a well laid out geography curriculum and is easy to use.

Our Life--Home & School

If you’re looking for a simple, easy to use curriculum that actually makes learning geography fun for all ages, then I highly recommend giving Let’s Go Geography a try.

Our Everyday Harvest

Geography Your K-4th Grade Kids Will Love

I teach several weekly geography classes in a large, homeschool co-op.  And I have done that for many years.  I love seeing the kids marvel at the great, big world outside of their own experiences.  And their sense of wonder that so many people live so very differently than they do. 

We open books to look at pictures and talk about new cultures: what dads or moms might do for a living, what houses and streets are like, how much other religions differ from their own ways of worship, and many other things. And many times I take the opportunity to remind them how very blessed they are to live where they do. And after seeing some of the pictures, they GET IT!

This is the curriculum I use every week.  The kids love it!

     Carol  Henderson Author & Teacher

Then we have fun with songs and maps and flags and coloring and crafts.  

Sample Pages from the Let's Go Geography Lesson on Hungary

Sample Pages from the Let's Go Lesson on Hungary

Let's Go Geography Curriculum Scope & Sequence

 Click Image for Itinerary!

I'd love to share my journey with you.  I've put my own tried-and-true curriculum together to offer it to homeschooling families just like yours.  It's also great for small classrooms and co-ops, too. 

Now you can make geography fun for the K-4th Grade child, and it takes only about an hour per week.  Click the image to see all the places you'll go.

So let me ask you this...

Are You Teaching Geography
with the "Hope & Pray" Method?

As in, "I hope & pray my kids absorb geography from everyday life"?

Or, "I hope & pray no one notices how much my kids don't know about their world"?

​We can help you change that!

Try It Today . . . & Get a FREE Bonus

What's the Free Bonus?

Free Travel Journal Covers for Homeschool Geography

Glad you asked!  In Let's Go Geography, your student(s) will be making things every week like maps, flags, writing, and other creative activities.  We encourage you to keep everything in a "Travel Journal," which is simply a 3-ring binder set aside for geography.

Travel Journal Covers make your 3-ring binder special. Choose from the 4 designs, print on a color printer, & write in your name. Now you have a beautiful first page, or you can slip it into the clear overlay if your binder has that. Either way, the covers turn your binder from ordinary into something really special.

Of course, these normally are sold separately, but we want to do something extra for you. If you subscribe today, these printable Journal Covers are yours. Just download, print, and enjoy. It's on us.​

Start the World Tour Today

Remember, you'll get our Free Bonus Travel Journal Covers when you subscribe today. 

It's a Win-Win.  Check out the 3 options below.

Lets Go Geography: Ecuador

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Year 1

Full Year -- 1 Semester at a Time!
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  • ​1 School Year (36 weeks)
  • 2 Payments of $12.99
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  • Weekly Reminder Email
  • PLUS get the BONUS printable Travel Journal Covers FREE


2 payments of $12.99

Year 1

Full Year -- Our Best Deal!
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  • 1 School Year (36 weeks)​
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Semester 1

Partial Year -- First 1/2 of Year 1
1 Payment

  • ​1 Semester (18 weeks)
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Tell me more...
What Do I Get In Each Lesson?

Each lesson is a stand-alone product, meaning that they don't build on each other.  So if you miss a week in spite of the included week break in each quarter, no need to sweat bullets.  Just relax, keep drinking that cup of coffee, & move on!  There's no real harm done.

That also means that each lesson is unique.  Sure, they all follow a similar pattern, but the lessons move from country to country, and the content and activities are always different. 

Hands-On Activities for Homeschool Geography

In each lesson you can expect to find . . .

Homeschool Geography, Europe, Iceland
  • A Trip Itinerary so your students can check off everything they do.
  • A Map Activity to locate the featured country & significant landmarks.
  • Flags to cut, color, and glue in place.
  • Music -- national anthems or other traditional songs
  • More to Explore with Library Books or Internet Resources -- you get to choose.
  • Scrapbook Pages with photos of the country's highlights
  • Writing Paper decorated for the theme country to make writing about what you've learned just a little bit more fun!
  • Creative Options -- Color the Coloring Page or put together the Featured Craft...or do both!

You will need Internet access & a printer. You will get links to information, songs, and/or crafts in each Lesson.  And you will want to print the Activities, Flags, Maps, Writing Pages, and Coloring.  Beyond that, library books are recommended, but optional.  And the Featured Craft is also optional.  So you can satisfactorily finish each lesson with just a printer & a computer (or other device) with Internet access.

But I'm LATE!
School has already started!

Late?  Are we related?  Seriously, though, you can subscribe to the course at any time.  You will have full access to all the lessons in your subscription. Your email reminders will begin at Lesson 1, no matter when you sign up.   Is the school year half over?  No problem.  Just sign up for the Semester option.  You will get the 1st half (semester) of Year 1, and you can enroll in the 2nd Semester later.

Yes, I want to start Let's Go Geography now!

P.S.:  This is the only chance you will have to get the Bonus Travel Journal Covers FREE!  Don't lose this opportunity!

Free Continent Coloring Pages

Get FREE Continent Coloring Pages... | for all 7 Continents!


Free Continent Coloring Pages

Free Continent Coloring Pages
Themed Picture for Each Continent!
  • All 7 of the World's Continents
  • 18-page PDF Ebook
  • Makes Learning Fun!