Elephant Carries Lion Cub — Is it True?

When you’re just glancing at Social Media and you see a picture where an elephant carries lion cub, you look twice. 

And then you get excited.

You see, our latest project has been pulling visuals together for a new video on South Africa AND for a kids’ Lesson on South Africa

And all that includes Kruger National Park.   So imagine our delight when we saw this amazing photo on Twitter…an elephant carrying a lion cub!

…at Kruger National Park!

elephant carries lion cub
Elephant Carries Lion Cub | Photo Courtesy Kruger Sightings | Twitter

There’s just one problem…it’s NOT TRUE!!!!  Oh, the joys and challenges of the Internet (& digital media).

The clever author took a picture from wikimedia here —  https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Elephant_side-view_Kruger.jpg — and doctored it up a bit with Photoshop.  And it was posted on April 1, which makes for a clever April Fool’s joke that is still gaining momentum several months later!

Now that you know, it’s pretty obvious if you look a little closer.  The lioness and the cub images are sharper and more precise than the elephant and the background.  Too bad…it was such a heartwarming story.

Actually, I was sent this in an email by my mom.  I hated to burst a bubble because I truly love the picture.  After all, some fantasy can warm the heart, even if it’s not entirely accurate.  But I did want her to be aware of scams because maybe next time it might not be as innocent, and I want her to be on guard.  Even if it was really cute, and heartwarming, and all of that.

So, for what it’s worth.  Enjoy, but know the real story.  And always be cautious online!

Curious about our geography curriculum for kids?  The South Africa lesson is part of our Year 1 package.  To see what other countries Year 1 includes, check out the 3-Year Schedule.

About the Author

Carol Henderson is the author of the Let's Go Geography curriculum. She previously homeschooled all 5 of her now-grown kids, and currently teaches several history and geography classes at a large homeschool co-op. After creating and then using her own geography curriculum for several years, she has published it here to share with you!

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