5 Tips For Having Geography-Smart Kids

​Picking a geography curriculum is something a lot of homeschool moms struggle with. That’s why I put together my 5 tips for ​what to keep in mind. Check it out!

​1.  Keep it simple.

It’s when things get complicated or burdensome that we lose our joy. ​Your geography curriculum ​should present ideas clearly in an engaging way with ​several activities to choose from in each lesson.

2.  Keep it fun.

​Fun learning is learning that sticks.  Look for geography activities that include things like coloring, making projects, watching video, writing on fun paper, ​playing games—you get the idea. ​

3.  Stay on schedule.

A little bit of organization goes a long way. Set aside ​about an hour ​a week for geography. ​ Or some people like to do a little each day. ​​This should become one of your favorite times!

4.  Have a purpose.

What will your kids know at the end of the school year that they don’t know now? Your time spent on geography should be worth it! Some review is always good, but for the most part, ​​a curriculum ​needs to show your kids things about the world they have not seen before.

​5.  ​Stay inspired.

​There’s so much to see and learn! ​ ​The goal is to keep your kids curious about the world long after your structured school time ends.

Homeschool Geography

Is ​There a Curriculum Th​​​​at Will Get Your Kids Excited About Learning Geography?

The whole idea of creative learning--learning by doing--is something I really believe in,” says Carol Henderson, who teaches several hands-on geography ​classes in a ​large Homeschool Co-op​. And most of ​​the ​activities she does in her classes ​​are in the Let's Go lessons.  These are hands-on activities for every learning style​.

The Homeschool Review Crew Loves Let’s Go Geography!

This curriculum is not just for homeschool co-op teachers like Carol. “Let’s Go is a whole new kind of geography curriculum for homeschools and small classrooms,” says Carol. “It looks at a different country of the world almost every week and uses lots of hands-on activities to keep interest high. There’s just not another curriculum like it out there.

The bloggers of the Homeschool Review Crew​ awarded Let’s Go as their favorite Social Studies Curriculum ​of 2017. Bloggers commented,“I love how easy it is to use, "there is such limited prep required,"  "[my children] were pleasantly surprised how fun [geography] can be," and “my kids want to keep learning.”

Homeschool Geography Teacher, Carol Henderson, says “Learning geography should be fun. Facts should be paired with fascination, coursework with creativity.”

Your K-5th grade student will explore a different country ​in almost every lesson.  Each unit is about 35 pages long, and packed with activities for maps, flags, songs, writing, looking at pictures, watching video, coloring, and making a project based on the theme country. You get a 36-week school year schedule with optional weekly emails to keep you on track. All this for only $27.99 for an entire year that can be used with multiple kids in varied grade levels.

As a Subscriber, you have immediate, lifetime access to all 36 weeks of downloadable, PDF lessons when you Log In to your Account page. Which means you can use the lessons in whatever order you choose, whenever you want. 

Geography Units on Africa, Asia, Oceania
Hands-On History Crafts with LetsGoGeography.com

Look Inside a Sample ​​Lesson Here   --»    --»    --»

Carol Henderson

Carol Henderson

Author of Let's Go Geography,
Geography Teacher in a Large Homeschool Co-op,
Former Homeschooler to
5 Now-Grown Kids

When I was asked to teach the ​younger elementary geography in our large, homeschool co-op, I couldn't find a curriculum that ​​​introduced kids to the countries of today's globe​ with activities ​they would love.  I ended up having to create my own ​lessons & activities, featuring a different country every week.  Over the years, I've used and re-used this curriculum, ​refining things 'til it was just right.  ​I'm so excited to be able to share it with you!

​​Let’s Go Geography is most definitely a program I can recommend. It is a wonderful, hands-on curriculum…

​This little gem is made for ALL learning types! ...  Let's Go Geography has a been a HUGE blessing and great addition to our weekly studies and I am thrilled we found it!

Try Let's go Geography this year!    You'll love it!
Kids Geography, Cambodia
Norway fjord
Geography for Kids: Libya

​It's about Creativity.  It's about Fun.  It's about Time.

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