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Kids Love Learning with​​Hands-On Geography!

​​​​Let's Go ​is a one-of-a-kind geography curriculum​.  
Kids explore different country in almost every lesson
 with lots of fun, hands-on activities.

Hands-On History Crafts with LetsGoGeography.com

​​Make Geography the favorite part of ​your week with Let's Go!

My daughter has been enjoying learning about the different countries of the world...We will likely keep using this program as Years 2 and 3 become available...This is a well laid out geography curriculum and is easy to use.

Our Life--Home & School

​If you’re looking for a simple, easy to use curriculum that actually makes learning geography fun for all ages, then I highly recommend giving Let’s Go Geography a try.

Our Everyday Harvest

​Look at all you get in each Downloadable, PDF lesson!

Let's Go Geography Curriculum
  • A Trip Itinerary so your students can check off everything they do
  • Map Activity ​with things to find, color, shade, & underline
  • Flags to cut, color, and glue​ on a Maps of that Continent page
  • Music -- click links to listen & watch national anthems or other traditional songs
  • More to Explore with Library Books or Internet ​video links or both -- you get to choose
  • Scrapbook Pages with photos of the country to print for your kids' Travel Journals
  • Notebooking Pages decorated for the theme country to make writing about what you've learned just a little bit more fun!
  • Creative Options -- ​Kids can color the Coloring Page or put together the Featured Craft...or do ​it all!

Scroll below to see inside a Sample Lesson!

Sample Pages from the Let's Go Geography Curriculum |  Lesson on Hungary

Sample Pages from the Let's Go Lesson on Hungary

​You will need Internet access & a printer  for this K-5th grade geography curriculum.  As you can see ​if you look at the Sample Lesson below, lessons have links to ​online ​video & other informational content.  ​You will want to print the Activities, Flags, Maps, Notebooking, Coloring, & Craft ​pages  (color is best for the flags​).  

Let's Go Geography Curriculum Scope & Sequence

Click the image to see the 3-year cycle.
 ​When you Subscribe, you get immediate access to ​ALL downloadable, PDF lessons in your plan!

My kids want to keep learning about new countries...I have found this to be an excellent start on Geography for my 9 year old, and a good continuation for my 12 year old as well. 

​Try Before You Buy!  Purchase ​the Sample Lesson on Cambodia, and ​get your money back when you purchase Year 1!  You will receive a Coupon Code after Purchase that will discount the cost of the Sample Lesson ​from your purchase of the complete Year 1. Try a Sample Lesson today!

Let's Go Geography, Year 1, Lesson 30, Cambodia

Best World Geography Crafts for Kids

Let's Go Crafts are
 Easy for the Teacher
& Fun for the Kids!

Let's Go crafts are a fun way to tie everything together at the end of a lesson.  They are designed to be simple and to use typical craft or household supplies.  And kids will be proud of the final result!

Most of the crafts involve cutting, decorating (crayons, markers, or paint), gluing, and taping.  And we always remind you to have the student write the name of the country on the project.

After all, the purpose of ​crafts is to creatively remind the students of ​something special about the country they just studied.  Many of the crafts can be ​added to their Travel Journals to keep reminding them of the things they learned long after the lesson ​has been finished.

​This Geography Curriculum is packed with

 activities for all learning styles!

​​​Click the Arrows ​​below to see inside a Sample Lesson!

Your K-5th grade student will explore a different country with every lesson, as well as enjoy several Review Lessons.  Each of these units is about 35 pages long, and packed with activities for maps, flags, songs, writing, looking at pictures, watching video, coloring, and making a project based on the theme country.  It's all here!  Look at the Sample ​here to see a typical lesson in the Let's Go geography curriculum.  

When you subscribe, you have immediate access to all 36 weeks of lessons by visiting your Account page, and you can use ​these for ALL your younger ​grades at the same time. ​  ​It's all-inclusive, with nothing more​ required to ​purchase.  

We send you an optional weekly email to remind you it's time for your next lesson.  This helps you stay on track, whether or not you use the lessons in order!

« «  Look Inside the Sample Lesson ​in the grey box!

Since Let's Go Geography went live in 2017, our number of Subscribers has grown to:


So let m​e ask you this...

Are You Teaching Geography
with the "Hope & Pray" Method?

As in, "I hope & pray my kids absorb geography from everyday life"?

Or, "I hope & pray no one notices how much my kids don't know about their world"?

​​Subscribe to Let's Go Geography, Year 1, and we can help you change that!

Let's Go Geography Curriculum

​Year 1 Units on countries in Africa, Asia, & Oceania

What's the Free Bonus?

Free Travel Journal Covers for Homeschool Geography

Glad you asked!  In the Let's Go Geography curriculum, your student(s) will be making things every week like maps, flags, writing, and other creative activities.  We encourage you to keep everything in a "Travel Journal," which is simply a 3-ring binder set aside for geography.

Travel Journal Covers make your 3-ring binder special. Choose from the 4 designs, print on a color printer, & write in your name. Now you have a beautiful first page, or you can slip it into the clear overlay if your binder has that. Either way, the covers turn your binder from ordinary into something really special.

​We want to do something extra for you. ​When you subscribe to Let's Go Geography Year 1, these printable Journal Covers are yours​ to download, print, and enjoy.  ​

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hands-on activities of the geography curriculum

​Sample of Lesson Activities

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​*​With the 2-Payment Plan Subscriptions, you ​​receive Immediate Access to Semester 1. ​ Your access to Semester 2 activates ​after your 2nd payment processes.

There's No Other Geography Curriculum
Quite Like This One!

Carol Henderson

Carol Henderson
 Author of Let's Go Geography,
Geography Teacher
in a Large Homeschool Co-op,
& Former Homeschooler
 to 5 Now-Grown Kids


Hi!  I'm Carol Henderson.  When I wanted to explore the world with my elementary geography classes in a large, homeschool co-op, I couldn't find a ​curriculum ​that fit.  So I ended up creating my own.  After using it, tweaking it, and using it ​some more, it's now available here for you!  I think you'll find there's no other geography curriculum quite like it!

We "visit" many different countries around the world every year with activities for every learning style and enough flexibility so you can use it for a range of ​K - 5th grade...all at the same time.  And parents & teachers love it!  Be sure to read what others are saying!

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