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Continent Matching Game

Geography Matching GameSometimes when teaching geography you just need to liven things up a bit.  And a game is perfect.  Better yet, a game the kids can make, then play, and keep to play again later.

Our latest Continent Matching Game does just that.  Perfect for homeschools or small classrooms, kids assemble the Game Storage Page, cut out the continent cards, color the continent matches as directed, and keep everything together in their 3-ring binder to play whenever they want.

Check out this quick and easy craft/game combo.  I have done this with a range of Kindergarten to grade 3, so the

Preview of Geography Matching Game Cards

Preview of Geography Matching Game Cards

instructions for classrooms are based on what worked and didn’t work for me.

You will probably need to pre-cut for Kindergartners and 1st graders.  I actually pre-cut everything for all grades with a paper cutter.  I felt like things went more smoothly that way, since I wanted everyone to do things at the same time so we could color certain cards specific colors.    Cutting would just complicate things.  So that’s how it went for me.

Of course, if you homeschool, you don’t have to worry about any of that!

I will say…the kids really liked making this.  The following class, they all wanted to play their games, which they had with them in their binders.  And several reported that they had played them at home with a parent or sibling.  Success!

Check it out here.  Enjoy!

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