Let's Go Geography curriculum

The Let’s Go Geography curriculum draws kids from kindergarten through middle school into the wonders of the world.

Kids learn geography by seeing it for themselves, wondering at the beautiful landscape and wildlife, and marveling at the differences in cultures around the globe.

Geography for Kindergarten to Middle School

Is it possible for 1 geography curriculum to span from early elementary school through junior high?

Let’s Go Geography does! And it does it well!

Early grades explore with just the curriculum. Their coloring and crafts are included in each lesson. Of course they have optional companion books, but these are simply for convenience & not required.

On the other hand, Grades 3-5 have required companion books for their lesson follow-up.

Grades 6-8 have similar options as Grades 3-5, but in greater detail. They also have maps that are not included elsewhere.

Let’s break it down!

Here’s what using the Let’s Go Geography curriculum looks like!

Step 1: Download Your Geography Lesson

After you purchase the curriculum, you have 32 separate PDF lessons in your account for each Let’s Go Geography Year.

And there are 3 Years–in case you were wondering.

When it’s time for the next lesson,

• Log In to your Account and

• Click My Orders to select the order.

This will display ALL 32 lessons in that Year in proper sequence.

Next, select your desired lesson.

And, remember, you can choose to study the countries in any order. The country lessons do not build on one another.

Download & open the lesson!

Step 2: Print Flags & Maps

Let's Go Geography Africa Map

Before you dive in, you may need to print the flag and the continent map.

These are in the lesson’s last chapter, called “Printables.”

Print these, but only IF YOU NEED THEM.

Here’s what that means:

• If you have purchased the Flags separately (for convenience), you do not need to print the flag again!

• If your child already has the Continent Map from a previous lesson, you do not need to print it again!

Step 3: Explore the Country!

The next step involves ALL your students!

If you are a homeschool, ALL grades can

• explore the basic facts,

• listen to the National Anthem & cultural music,

• look at photos with their captions, and

• watch video clips,

all at the same time.

Remember, the videos are displayed through a safe viewing app, so no need to worry about seeing inappropriate ads on the side.

video with Let's Go Geography

Step 4: Follow-Up Fun

Now it’s time for the different grade levels to go their separate ways! Everyone has engaging activities to reinforce the lesson and learn more.

Grades K-2

Grades K-2 have creative projects based on a country theme.

Crafts with Let's Go Geography

They can either

• color a coloring page


• make a fun & easy craft.

Teacher’s choice!

Grades 3-5

The next step for Grades 3-5 is in their Discovery Packs, i.e., Geography Journals.

Discovery Pack 1: Geography Journal & Teacher Key

The Discovery Pack includes the Geography Journal AND the Teacher Key, but you can purchase a Journal separately, too.

Each country has 2 decorated journaling pages, with blocks geared for all the information that was in the lesson.

Of course, they can also do further research on their own as well. This means using an atlas (one that looks at individual countries), other books, or the internet. This is optional.

Grades 3-5 also have a Continent Map Workbook that goes into greater detail with the continent map than the lesson does. This is an optional, but recommended, resource for another valuable activity to go along with each lesson.

Grades 6-8

Grades 6-8 uses Continents, Countries, & Cultures for their lesson follow-up.

This book is similar in concept to the Grades 3-5 journaling. It also has a 2-page spread for every country.

But there are big differences!

First, the journaling is more detailed. Page one reviews key facts on the country with targeted fill-in-the-blanks. Page 2 asks for information that may or may not be in the lesson.

Junior High Geography | Country Map

Which brings us to another difference:

While outside research is optional for Grades 3-5, it is required for Grades 6-8. So plan on additional research, preferably on the internet, although an atlas and other books are a possibility.

And, here’s the biggie, Grades 6-8 has COUNTRY maps that are not included anywhere else.

These are additional maps, outside of the CONTINENT maps, that zero in on each country. Some of the questions can be answered by just looking at the included map, but several of the questions require research in another source, like an internet search.

Active, Participatory Learning

By looking at a variety of countries on each continent over the years, students end up with a great understanding of the unique wonders, landmarks, animals, & cultures all over the globe & where everything is located.

Let’s Go Geography offers a huge and important alternative for kids.

Rather than trying to study words in a book and remember anything, Let’s Go Geography brings active, participatory learning!

It’s global exploration at its finest! Jump on board today & explore the world with Let’s Go!