Discovery Pack Package

Year 1 (2nd Edition),  Year 2,  AND  Year 3

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Each Curriculum Year has its own companion Discovery Pack for Grades 3-5.  The Pack contains both the Student Geography Journal AND Teacher Key in 1 convenient purchase.

This Package allows you to purchase ALL 3 Discovery Packs at the same time.  You will receive download access to Year 1 (2nd Edition), Year 2, and Year 3 Discovery Packs.

Each of the 3 Discovery Pack downloads includes BOTH companion products for the corresponding Year:

  1. Geography Journal:  The Student Geography Journal contains 2 decorated pages for EVERY country from the year.  This makes journaling so much fun!  And there's more!  The Journal also has all the Maps needed for the year in one place, PLUS a Glossary section with places for students to define the assigned glossary term each week.  
  2. Teacher Key: The Teacher Key gives answers for specific information AND writing helps for the journaling blocks.  The Key also includes a Glossary Terms List so teachers can assign a new term each week that coordinates with the lesson.  The Glossary section includes suggestions on the best places for students to find the terms' definitions.

Geography Journals

Why a separate Geography Journal each Year?  Aren't Notebooking Pages included in the lessons?

Although Notebooking Pages are included in the individual lessons, those only have a flag at the top followed by blank lines.  In contrast, the Discovery Pack pages have a variety of pictures and borders, with boxes asking for specific information on topics learned in the lesson. Each page has a Teacher Key with Writing Helps.

Typically, this resource is optional for Grade 2 and the younger students would complete only the 1st of the 2 available pages per lesson.  Students in Grades 3-5 should complete both pages.

The included Glossary List gives a geography term corresponding with each lesson for students in Grades 3-5 to research & define, draw or glue a picture, and give a real-world example.   Printable glossary pages are included for creating the coordinating Glossary.

Sample Pages

Each country has 2 decorated pages.  The 1st page asks for basic facts.  The 2nd page has room for a student's personalized writing on various themes for that lesson.  The Teacher Key gives Answers and Writing Ideas.  The printable Glossary page is used for defining the terms provided on the coordinating Glossary Terms List.

Discovery Pack 3 Sample Notebooking/Journaling
Discovery Pack 3 Sample Notebooking/Journaling
Discovery Pack 3 Sample Notebooking/Journaling Answer Key
Discovery Pack 3 Sample Geography Glossary Printable

This Package includes 3 digital, downloadable ebooks.

  • THREE Downloadable PDF's
  • 153 pages (Disc Pack 1, Edition 2), 149 pages (Disc Pack 2), & 159 pages (Disc Pack 3)
  • Licensed for 1 household or homeschool.  For Schools & Co-ops, schools/parents must purchase this product for each child or household.  Please contact us for a discount code for your classroom.

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