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Geography Printables: The Best Paper

Kids make the best geography crafts with Lets Go! They love the Poison Dart Frogs, the Snowy Owl, the Rainstick, and all the other weekly activities they do with each country. And mom loves how easy it all is. Share this pin with friends! #geographycrafts #makinggeographyfun #elementarygeographycurriculum #homeschoolgeographycurriculum #homeschoolgeography #geographycurriculum #letsgogeography #geographyforkids #homeschoolgeographyideas #homeschoolgeographyactivities

Let’s Go Geography offers some pretty amazing geography printables for their kids’ crafts, and most of them require colored paper. A lot of these are just Print, Cut, Decorate, and you’re done. Often you will see a note in the instructions of these geography printables suggesting you trim kids’ craft colored paper to 8 1/2 […]

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Homeschool Geography

Let's Go Geography Scope & Sequence | 3-year schedule

​With​ Let’s Go ​as your homeschool geography​, ​your kids ​learn​ today’s world ​by looking at individual countries…one at a time, all year long. Kids love​ the Video and Pictures.  Parents and teachers love the Map and Flag activities.  Notebooking ties everything together.  And Coloring and Crafts top it all off. It’s a recipe for success. Each year has 30-32 units​. […]

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Blue Lava

blue lava

Blue Lava? Is that a thing? Those were my questions, too, when I first saw some pictures. And the answer is Yes…and No. The plot thickens… The lava most of us are familiar with ranges from bright orange to various shades of red. Maybe a little yellow thrown in there to remind us of fire. […]

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Year 1 & Year 2: Geography, Only Better

Get the best homeschool Geography Curriculum for K-5th grades! Kids learn a new country every week with hands-on activities for every learning style. No more boring worksheets! Share with friends! #homeschoolgeographyelementary #homeschoolgeographycurriculum #homeschoolgeographylessonplans #homeschoolgeographychildren #homeschoolgeography #makinggeographyfun

Some changes are in the air for the geography curriculum here at Let’s Go Geography! Both Year 1 and Year 2 are being updated and improved for you. Yep, the same Geography, Only Better. Read on… YEAR 1 SUBSCRIBERS For the 1st time, I am using my own Curriculum for Year 1 instead of the […]

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