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Fun Facts: Enjoy & Share!

Machu Picchu

We often post Fun Geography Facts on our Facebook page with great pictures and some fact highlights.  It soon became obvious that these images needed a home here on our site, too. So….Tah-Dah!  They now have one.  Introducing The Gallery.  You can get there with our Fun Geography Facts link in the bottom, black Menu […]

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Book Review: DK’s Geography of the World

Geography of the World

I’ve always been a fan of DK books, but now more than ever.  First it was the Where on Earth Atlas.  And now, Geography of the World. Let’s put it this way.  I picked it up at the library, flipped through it quickly, and immediately ordered it online for myself!  I know I’m going to […]

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Geography Games

Geography Game

My adult kids like to remind me every now and then of the things they learned, and still know, through playing educational games in our home school back in the day.  There’s just something about learning while having fun…it’s the kind of learning that sticks, sometimes for a lifetime. So I’ve been scouting the blogs […]

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Where on Earth? Atlas Reading Guide

Where on Earth? Atlas Reading Guide

If you read my review of DK’s new Where on Earth? Atlas, you know I promised to put together a Reading Guide for it.  After all, you don’t want it to sit on the shelf and only get a casual glance now and then.  And an atlas isn’t generally something you’d read from cover to […]

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Book Review: DK’s Where on Earth Atlas

DK's Where on Earth Atlas

Edit:  The next post has a link to our helpful Reading Guide for this book.  Click here! Have you seen DK’s Where on Earth Atlas?  This book is a keeper! The subtitle is “The World as You’ve Never Seen it Before!”, and wow, that is so true. “But would I use it in my homeschool […]

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