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Geography Glossary: Butte

Let's Go Geography Glossary-Butte

Want to make a Geography Glossary? You can download the printable Glossary pages here to create it. If you already have one, here’s a new word to add! Today’s Word: Butte What is it? When you know that the word butte comes from the French word meaning small hill, you have an instant clue to […]

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Geography Glossary: Antarctica

Introducing the next word to help you create your Geography Glossary! Don’t forget to download the printable Glossary pages to create this. Today’s Word: Antarctica What is it? Antarctica is the continent on the southern end of the globe that includes the South Pole.  It is opposite the North Pole and the Arctic area. It […]

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Geography Glossary: Archipelago

This week’s word will help you create your Geography Glossary! Remember, you can download printable Glossary pages to get started. Today’s Word: Archipelago How do you pronounce it? ARK- i – pela – gō What is it? An archipelago is a group or cluster or chain of islands. Sometimes it can refer to a small […]

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FREE Printable Geography Glossary

Free Printable Geography Glossary

When you learn about geography, you learn about features of the earth.  Some things, like mountains or lakes, are no-brainers.  But there are other words that some adults are even unsure of.  After all, what exactly IS an isthmus anyway? It’s words like these that bring up the need for a Geography Glossary. And what […]

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Geography Christmas Ornament Craft for Kids

Geography Christmas Ornament

Before I give you the link to the Geography Christmas Ornament Craft for Kids, let me give you the whole story.  In my co-op geography classes, I do a special Christmas Around the World lesson right before Christmas break with a special Christmas craft.  And every year, that craft has been to decorate Christmas cookies.  […]

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