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Blue Lava

blue lava

Blue Lava? Is that a thing? Those were my questions, too, when I first saw some pictures. And the answer is Yes…and No. The plot thickens… So apparently lava changes colors depending on its temperature. But, wait. We still haven’t gotten to the blue part. The “coolest” lava is bright orange, changing from bright to […]

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Year 1 & Year 2: Geography, Only Better

Let's Go Geography Curriculum for K-5th grade

Some changes are in the air for the geography curriculum here at Let’s Go Geography! Both Year 1 and Year 2 are being updated and improved for you. Yep, the same Geography, Only Better. Read on… YEAR 1 SUBSCRIBERS For the 1st time, I am using my own Curriculum for Year 1 instead of the […]

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Geography Continent Dividers, Year 2

Geography Continent Dividers

Geography Continent Dividers are ​the 1st craft kids make in Year 2 of  Let’s Go Geography​! Why? Because kids are introduced to a NEW country every week.  And that’s THIRTY new countries to explore in Year 2.   (BTW…if you’re new to the curriculum, find out more here.) Which is one reason why kids make Geography Continent Dividers for […]

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Let’s Go Geography Year 2: An Update!

Lets Go Geography Year 2 Crafts

The August 19th Release Date is coming quickly! It will be Monday before you know it! In the meantime, I wanted to give you all a quick heads up on pricing. Year 2, like Year 1, gives you 32 lessons and is priced the same. Differences are that Year 2 gives you more Notebooking choices, […]

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Let’s Go Geogaphy Year 2

The Let’s Go Geography​ Year 2 is scheduled to release August 19, and it’s bigger and better than ever! So what’s new?!First, Year 2 starts with a lesson on the 7 Continents. Not only is it a great overview of the globe, but the Craft activity is to ​cut-&-color cool dividers for each continent so kids […]

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