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Geography for Kids

The internet has truly opened up the world for all of us and made us more aware that we need to teach geography for kids.  I don’t remember having any separate geography textbooks or classes as a kid, but I did know my world, so it must have been incorporated under the whole social studies […]

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Kruger National Park — Is it True?

Our latest project has been pulling visuals together for a new video on South Africa.  And Kruger National Park is part of that.  Plus, the Park is featured in our Year 1 lesson on South Africa as well.  So imagine our delight when we saw this: We were following a lioness carrying her cub & […]

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2018 Build Your Bundle Pre-Sale

The 2018 Build Your Bundle Sale is just days away!  What is happening now is the Build Your Bundle Pre-Sale.  If you have no idea what either of those  are, not to worry.  It’s pretty new to me, too.  And, trust me, it’s something you don’t want to miss. The Bundle Sale offers bundles of […]

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VIDEO: Scotland for Kids

(VIDEO) Scotland for Kids

Watch our video of Scotland for kids!  Since Scotland has so many interesting and cool features, we just had to have a single lesson on it separate from the United Kingdom.  This lesson is in Year 2.  And we talk about that, too.  The United Kingdom, that is.  It’s all good.  Watch our video to […]

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New Zealand’s Sheep

New Zealand sheep

Sheep!  How can you not help but love these beautiful, gentle creatures?!  And New Zealand has their fair share dotting the landscape like a perfect picture postcard. The good news is that New Zealand has lots of sheep.  The bad news is that they don’t have as many as they used to.  At one time […]

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