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Make Geography the Best Part of Your Week!

Tired of trying to manufacture enthusiasm for geography?

You don't have time for that!  Who wants to plan another lesson and then poke & prod the kids to finish it?

You need the effortless enthusiasm of Let’s Go Geography.  

With the Let’s Go homeschool geography curriculum, simply download the next lesson, print the prepared pages, and then sit back to watch the video clips and complete the activities, coloring, & crafts with your K - 5th grade kids.

Make Geography the Best Part of Your Week with Let’s Go Geography.

Make Geography the Best Part of your week!

We have been using this all year and I love it.  Such a great program!  --Lee M.

Let's Go Geo is a phenomenal value...So much is included for the low price.  --Amy H.

Let's Go Geography is the highlight of our week. --Kristine P.

Lets Go Geography Year 1

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Geography for Kids

Make Geography the Best Part of your Week with Let's Go Geography!

Let's Go Geography is the kind of active, hands-on learning that moms & kids love.  Each lesson includes maps to explore, flags to color and glue, videos to watch, writing projects, and coloring & crafts.

So many activities to choose from!  And all of it is simple to use with multiple grades at the same time!  Families need only purchase the curriculum once, easily adjusting the activities for the different age levels.  The Discovery Pack for Grades 3-5 also needs to be purchased just once for the whole family.

Let's Go Geography for kids has so many hands-on projects in every lesson! Share with friends! #letsgogeography #geographyforkids #geographycurriculum

In the Let's Go Geography homeschool curriculum, each lesson is about 32 pages long and jam-packed with things to explore, activities to do, and projects to make.

The curriculum is also perfect for homeschool co-ops and small classrooms!

I just want to say- we love this curriculum.  It is just exactly what you need for a child K-6 maybe higher?  It has enough info to get the kids engaged and learning, but not too much to overwhelm them.  I can add or take out info depending on the age of my child.  

We have had so much fun with this!!  Thank you for giving us this program!!! So worth it!!  And the kids retain the info!!!!    -- Jessica M.

All 4 of my kids LOVE let's go geography! And so do I. We are about half way through year one and have already purchased year two.  
Not that we will be ready for it anytime soon, but my daughter keeps asking me when year three will be ready.   --April J.

Lets Go Geography Year 2
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